Role of the Community from here on?

Now that this project has a company behind it I wonder what the former contributers roles are, if any? Are we still going to be able to submit suggestive art/design/sound/texture/whatever or have been placed in the back seat, so to speak?

The current plan is for our Kickstarter to have Beta and Alpha testing pledge tiers. Also we want to release mod tools (stretch goal) and eventually a public SDK so that the creative types in our community will have the freedom to build their own universes with our tech.

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Nice to have you back Spectre, some of your larger ships are still my favorites in design.

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Nice to be “back” :slight_smile:

As for the mod tools; Does this mean that players will be able to contribute to a eventual (hopefully) MMO game with their own designs or would these creations/contributions not be a part of the official persistent world?

Also does the HTP still exist? I’d love to get my hand on some of my older models.

Yeah, we would most likely still like players to contribute ships. However the quality has to match the new standards, and there would probably be more “paperwork” overhead to sort out the rights; we need to ensure that you explicitely give us the authorization to use your work in the MMO, so the overall process would be more complex than the old contributions system. But that’s still something we would like to do.