[resolved] joystick confiugration, i dont have pitch

I have two joysticks, 2 x warthog. Some times the left joystick is joystick 0 and 1 same for the right.

I expected one value.

Also in game the shipPitch does not work.

I also tried my throttle (:frowning: ) but the slider/axis is detected as a button.

If you have 2 joysticks, DirectInput will report them as individual devices. Nothing can be done here, other games should have the same behavior. The numbers ( 0 and 1 ) are the listed order from DirectInput, so if you plug them on in a different order, they’ll have a different number I think.

ShipPitch is part of the Direct Mode flight control group. You can enable it with F4 in game. The standard control scheme is the virtual navigation mode; you need to bind your joystick pitch/yaw axes to SetCursorX and SetCursorY instead.

F4 …finally :slight_smile:

i have been debugging since saturday.

now i look forward to:

multiple hotas and trackir.

Thankyou for the support.