Resolution in launcher


I am very new to I. battlescape and I know it is still in Beta ;it is quite strange that the resolution in the launcher stays 1280x720 altough my monitor is shown as 3840x1080 .(see attached screenshot)

Does this mean the game also will run is 1280x720 ?



It shows the same resolution for me but still runs at 1920x1080, so you can probably ignore it.

Borderless Windowed uses the selected screen’s native resolution no matter what. Some games offer a custom resolution for performance reasons and upscale it to the screen’s but we always use the native resolution.

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Thanks for the fast reply.
I do use Nvidia surround which combines 2x beamers with resolution 1920x1080 and projects an image of 3840x1080 onto a curved 180 degree screen for full immersion.

The native resolution should be at least 1920x1080 then no ?

Just checking if I do have the highest possible resolution since I want to see the beautiful landscapes at it full potential .


It should work correctly. You screenshot shows Monitor “[1]: 3840 x 1080” which correlates with what you just said. Two monitors/beamers combined. The game should render at 3840 x 1080.
The greyed out Resolution box is confusing. Yeah. It is not showing the current setting but some older value from before it was set to borderless windowed. The game will use the “Montors”, in your case Nvidea Suround created Monitor, native Resolution.


A good test is to take a screenshot ingame with F11 and then look at its dimensions.
You can find Screenshots under: C:\Users<YourUser>\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Screenshots

Also you can post them here so we can see how that looks. Obviously most people don’t combine two Monitors to play because of the bezel but beamers can work of course.


Thanks for the reply.
This game is awesome !

Please find attached some screenshots


It really gives it a depth of view feel to it. But I can’t shake the feeling it looks awful personally. Not your monitors or resolution. Just the. . . hud is squished almost lol.

The cockpit frame is too short/clipped for this resolution.

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I would say, it is an edge case.:sunglasses:


It’ll probably look different on the actual screen, as it’s been projected onto a curved surface. Bear in mind that if you take away a quarter of the screen on the left and a quarter on the right, that’s what most people are already seeing, on a flat screen in the centre :slight_smile:

On a curved display you’ll still want all the cockpit HUD elements around the centre.


Hi all,

To give you a better idea a have some lower resolution photo’s taken with my smartphone of my screen to give you a better idea.I was standing up while taking the photo’s so the angle is not perfect.
But when I am siting in my chair it looks great to me.

Actually I have the same/similar setup as this :

Now I spend some time with I. Battlescape I think my resolution of the screen in ok now :slight_smile: It is better of course then on the photo’s .

Thanks for the reply’s



Aw yup, that looks way better lol.

Ironically your phone photos have a higher resolution then your game. Haha. :grin:

But cool. :grinning: Thanks for showing us. What is that white area in the middle? Are the two beamers overlapping?


Yes this is the overlap of the beamers . With dark backgrounds this is visible .
If I lower brightness it will be almost invisible.
But I want high brightness . It is a choice…


gah, I find myself wanting one… love it

well I bought mine here :
(and I don’t get any money for referring people :slight_smile: )