Quick question about the prototype

Not sure if there is a thread for general questions and discussion about the prototype, if there is please direct me/merge the thread (if possible).

What does this blue reticule represent? From what I can tell it seems to indicate a vector parallel to the surface of body below you.

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It indicates in what direction to accelerate in order to obtain an orbit.

The topmost dark blue bar on the velocity indicator indicates the orbital velocity needed to be in orbit. I guess for a circular orbit.


Awesome. I love that they’ve already implemented little touches like that and the formation modes. It really seems like they introduce an interesting dynamic to flying around.

Has anyone tried just staying in a low orbit and observing orbital decay through the upper atmosphere?

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Yes :smile: I like to power down and watch the ship fall slowly into atmo.

I know that @INovaeGene has also orbited the gas giant for great lengths of time.

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I also put my ship into orbit around a planet or moon if I’m waiting around on the server for any length of time. I just like the way it feels.

Yup, it’s the orbital vector. You can disable power and stay in stable orbit for hours (I think we tested an entire day at some point) if you wish to.

It doesn’t really have any gameplay value though, ships accelerate much faster than 1g, so technically it’s not very useful.

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But it’s there, and it’s not something any of your competition has (to my knowledge, at least).

Don’t underestimate the impact of little touches like that, especially for the folks who prefer their space sims to be actual sims.


Add a detection penalty for sensors to powered down ships and it’s very very useful!

Edit: I used to sit for hours in eve watching targets and gathering intel. I would have no problems doing this and watching a beautiful planet underneath me.

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There is already a detection penality for ships powered off in the prototype. Still I don’t think there is much gameplay value, it’d take too much time to get to the other side of the planet using it, no sane player is gonna stay 1 hour just to avoid being detected…

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You underestimate our insanity :smiling_imp:


Never underestimate your players’ ability to make gameplay value.


I was gonna say…it might not make sense in the prototype, or maybe even for I:B, but for TQFE, it might mean the difference between survival and annihilation in a secret mission…or something, heh

But it would be awesome! Imagine the stare, a whole fleet dropping into orbit undetected. Would make for a great video. Sure would be near to never used. But that little marker will make people curios. And it will make them think of ways they could use it … even tough you didn’t put it right infront of their faces what they could do with it, especially because of that.

What if the main installation were on the other side of that planet … guarded by a giant fleet — non permeable for hours … people tried to break trough … no one managed. I think people could “fly” into the battle. Would also atrackt hardcore sim fans who like to manually fly from the airstrip to the “battlescapes” of the past in other sims.

I would do this. In fact I should create a corporation dedicated to using orbital mechanics for wartactics.

We will be called the Newtonian Knights


Kepler’s Crusaders

Lagrangian Legion

Tycho’s Triad/Triumvirate(Emblem is definitely a moose)

Knights of Newtonia?

This is fun!
This is the only thing I’m going to be thinking about the rest of the day… /o\


I was wondering about that marker. I love that orbital vectors are implemented! Feels like space more if there’s a proper orbit possible!!


10 characters to appease the forum fairy, ignore.

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Knights of Sidonia was ringing in my head for whatever reason


Do you have any idea how many Eve Online developers thought the exact same thing about any number of features in their game?

Do not underestimate the autism, tenacity, and cunning of your playerbase.

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And here I thought I would probably be the only person on these forums to have watched Sidonia. Great story, horrible CG though.


Season 2 had some bad tory stuff in it imo. The cg was so jarring compared to all the cool backgrounds. : (