Quick progress reports discussion thread - February 2016

Well, it is rather trap-door functions. And on an internet, were you cannot trust any party, it is not possible to identify the other end. The NSA makes sure that every data can be read (or attacked) by them. And as they hold the door open, other people can do it too.
(Sorry for that. I just can’t stop hating the NSA for breaking the Internet!)

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I’m pretty sure that SQL Management Studio is still a 32bit application. That being the case it will only be able to address 2GB of RAM. It may be running out of addressable memory despite there being plenty available.

Or maybe the garbage collector… even if it has finished to use an object, there’s no guarantee that it will deallocate the memory space reserved for this object (frequently it is not done before a spécific call (bad method) or the end of the program). Also there is a difference between the memory in use you can see in your task manager and the reserved memory by your application. Did you catch the portion of code that launch the exception ? Is there a profiler in the visual studio xx you use ?

On RSA try to have a key as long as you can. When I implemented it the key length was of 7. If a hacker sees a message of 49 numbers, it has its first information… then an analysis with frequency of letters could break the beautiful work of the RSA formula… in C++, I used NTL to manipulate big numbers. And try to apply Euclide calculation/algorithm once by yourself it is funny xD

With a length of 8 number by character, it should be safe (with message and/or passwords minimum length greater than 8 too)

Step one when implementing your own crypto: don’t. Use NaCL or OpenSSL. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least if it is going into live code. No harm experimenting of course.

Thanks again for the update Flavien. I can’t express how much better it is now to hear things are progressing and actually being able to see how development is unfolding. But Please don’t burn yourself out on daily reports. 2 or 3 reports a week is more than enough! Or, perhaps have one DEV write one update a week and that would cover not only the info/PR department but free up your time. Anyway, I will not say anything more on the matter but simply say thank you for the hard work and letting us hang with the cool kids. :rocket:

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10ms for the TLS handshake really sounds alot. If you were using an apache tomcat server I would suggest to configure a non-blocking connector. In case of a blocking (default) connector at tomcat, the maximum number of simultaneous connections is limited by the maximum number of threads.
Regarding your idea with the CA callback, you could run Wireshark to record and analyze all TCP connections. Also after installing the cert on the clientside (at windows?) you should be able to skip any round-trip.


For me, UV unwrapping is the number one time consuming and boring task in 3D modelling. This looks like an amazing tool. If I had one criticism it would be nice to see larger islands, that might cost of a bit of wasted texture space but make it easier for the artist. That also depends on how you’re painting the textures, do you paint on the 2D UV map or do you use a 3D painting tool to paint on to the model directly?

Yeah, the initial unwrap isn’t very good. I didn’t want to spend too much time in it when we’re going to replace the model down the road. Just need something good enough.

I use Substance Designer and Painter. I still have to give the new Quixel suite a go since they added 3d painting as well.

I can do most stuff with tri-planar projections in SD. Thats a good workaround for the sub par unwrap. There aren’t any obvious visible seams. (yet >_> )


Thanks for the update Jan. Really like the overall shape and I can already tell it will look great after texturing. Stuff like this is more exciting than the game itself…well, for me anyway.

Cough…cough, anyway, always willing to shamelessly promote myself, here is some stuff I made; some semi-good and some just for a good laugh:

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Is photoshop any useful for 3d-painting yet? afaik they added some 3d-funktionality some time ago.

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I just want to say I’m impressed by the response to community feedback, and the way you folks whipped project updates right around so quickly. Well done. Loving it!


Couldn’t agree more. Sooooo much better now! And once we get the Alpha in our little space faring hands and start making videos, more will join.


Lots of developers go on silence for so long. These quick text updates are really nice to maintain a connection to the project.


Another great update, thanks Flavien they are much appreciated. The days are dragging so it’s nice to know your hard at it, so to speak!


Ekk feels like it so close I can taste it!!

Great work as always and thanks for the update. :smile:


I can’t help but feel you, @INovaeFlavien, for the WPF work. It is much easier to do cool looking stuff on WPF than with WinForm… but man it does contain some nice hurdles sometimes :smiley:

Have you considered using a framework for your UI?
Not to make any ad, but I know “Infragistics” makes some nice work there and has some decent support reactivity / web documentation. There are others, of course, and maybe the license cost isn’t worth it for “only” a launcher.


Thanks Jan for the update. The bomber cockpit is absolutely brilliant!!! :rocket:

Parakeets CONFIRMED!!!


You know you guys are going to need to make those as cockpit items now, right?


Parakeet bobble heads. :smiley:

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