Questions to be answered during our live action recording

Hey everyone while we’re doing the live action recording for our Kickstarter campaign we want to, if we have time, do some recordings of Flavien and I answering questions from the community that we can include in other videos that we release during the campaign. If any of you have questions you’d like us to answer while being filmed please post those here and we’ll try to answer some of them.


Why did you create a new game engine?

Why have you turned to Kickstarter to collect funds?

What has been the most memorable moment for I-Novae Studios to date (pre-Kickstarter)?

What aspect of Infinity:Battlescape are you most excited about?

Whose vision has driven gameplay development?

Whose vision has driven the art style of the man-made objects?

How difficult is it to avoid having the Infinity:Battlescape feature list expand hugely?


What has been a great inspiration to you?


What made you pull trough all those years to reach this stage?

Weren’t you tempted to join one of those big “new” projects promising similar goals? What made you decide against it?


What kind of mechanical support do you have in mind for the game regarding strategies, stratagems, and tactics?

Also, are you intending for I-NS to become a publicly traded company, or do you intend on being a private company?


Is your engine only a “space game” engine, or can it be used for other game genres?


What’s your opinion on VR and have you considered supporting any of the consumer products in your engine?


Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Space Engine. What does this do that the others don’t that will pull us into the fold?

What we’ve seen of the I-Novae engine so far has been fairly impressive. What sets your engine apart from other recent engines like Unity or UE4?

How do you feel about modding, specifically how do you believe a modding community could influence Infinity: Battlescape, if at all?

What has been the most annoying or miserable part of building the game(engine)?

What’s your favorite ship and why?

If money was no object, what are the major objectives you would tackle for Infinity?

What has it been like working on this project with staff in different countries? Will you gather in one location if the project is successful?

what movies/tv-series inspired the world of infinity:battlescape the most?

How instanced will the game (Battlescape or Infinity) be? One of the most immersion breaking features in a game is sitting at zero on an object with your friend doing the same thing and you can’t see them. (I’d heard it won’t be so much but just checking)

How do you plan on rolling it out? Beta/Alpha tests included?

What is your rough plan, timewise, for the rollout?

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If editors or investors are interested by I:B, the engine or the studio itself, what conditions will you consider mandatory?

Will there be a Paypal option as well as the Kickstarter campaign.

Will the single player off line mode which has been mentioned before still be available in current version Battlecsape.


Well not that i need to know, but i think it is what potential supporter needs to know:

How does your project differ from the others on the market ? what makes it spacial ? :smile:
(i just had to)

What kind of flight model will you use? (you know… the slow yaw in elite - i think that is necessary to know up front)

How much space is I:B going to tak place in ?

Will the ships have cockpits ?

If so will you support headtracking ? (and no i don’t talk just about that one overpriced product)

If this is a space shoot em up then what are the planets, natural satellites and every thing else for?

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Are you a pathological liar?

(Sorry, I had to)