Question on IBS environment: Stars and Nebulas

I have a question about the environment of the IBS playable area, thus the space background.

I:TQFE had quite some amazing (!) techniques developed years ago, and I wonder if any of these will make it into IBS (or are already incorporated by the engine).

What I wonder, will the surrounding be displayed by a static skybox in the end or is anything displayed in the background really “physically” dynamically available. Even if the player may be forced to remain in a certain playable area.

Will the stars just be a skybox with static dots or will star objects really be place somewhere. Furthermore will the procedural placement of stars included somewhere?

The procedural creation of nebulas was IMHO breathtaking. Will anything of it make it into the game and only if it’ll be to initially render a static skybox?


All of the stars you currently see in the prototype are in fact real places and are rendered by our galaxy generator. As an optimization we render them into a skybox however this isn’t a preprocess, it happens when the first frame gets rendered and is then cached. We currently have no plans to add nebula’s back in for I:B.


I never knew you looked at doing procedural creation of nebulas. First time I’m seeing that video above - very cool. Flying thru one must be cool as well.