Proxima Centauri

After the confirmation of the existence of planets around proxima centauri. it would be cool if the starsystem in infinity could BE Proxima centauri. As time advances we will know if there are more (planets) hidden there.

The first distant starsystem colonized by mankind and so on.
Actual science can provide a lot of lore to this upcoming beauty of a space game.

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Announcement. Confirmation doesn’t happen until an independent team verifies the discovery.

The star catalogue that Flavian had in order to add in Earth and the surrounding stars includes Proxima. It was always going to be included.


Amazing! Thanks for the info!

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That’s ever so slightly misleading.

It’s almost certain that the system that will be the setting of Infinity Battlescape will not be Proxima Centauri, but if the Infinity MMO does eventually get made further down the line it’ll be one of the star systems in the catalogue