Project Roadmap?

So now that the dev-access is apparently more-or-less done, after everybody has a well-earned break, what’s the plan for going forward?

Is there a general to-do list for the next few months?


I would also like to see that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll be speaking about that in the upcoming progress report.


Could you outline what needs to be done during Developer Access, what the goal is, in the report, @inovaeflavien, we know that due to some unforeseen circumstances you guys are basically 2 months behind schedule already.

And more importantly, will this push Alpha access away a month or two, or will you just cut features and release the Alpha on time?

What happened to just working more hours per week

That isn’t healthy …

Crunching to get something out you promised is one thing, setting oneself up to do this for months on line will break most people.
Mind that they already have calculated very slim going into the Kickstarter …


They’re not going to come out and say they will be “cutting features” for alpha. That’s what I was trying to convey without actually saying what I said in the last sentence; if you know what I mean. Not to literally be behind a computer screen for 18 hours a day for eight straight months.

Thing is we have no idea what needs to be done for Alpha, and if they have a goal list, it’s logical that either they have to work harder or cut some features to make the deadline. There are not many other options, there is no budget to hire a new programmer, 2 artists and a composer that they have lost since the KS.

It’s either cut, work to death or delay.

Personally I even don’t care if the game comes out 2 months later. As long as it is a long-term fun experience, everything will be fine in the end. :grin:

I’m more afraid that they will push it out incomplete on schedule than it being late a month or two. :confused:

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[quote=“cybercritic, post:8, topic:2928”]
There are not many other options, there is no budget to hire a new programmer, 2 artists and a composer that they have lost since the KS.[/quote]

Actually there is ( at least for some of them ), these salaries were reserved and taken into account when calculating the KS budget. We’re going to look into hiring a third programmer full time soon ( whether we’ll be able to find a good, experienced one in a short time is another matter ). Same for the composer; in fact we’re already in discussion with some candidates. As for the 2 artists, there had never been a plan for these positions to be full-time in the first place, it’s only ever been helping / part-time jobs, so in the grand scheme of things it might cause some delays, but should not hinder our ability to deliver the game.


You personally may not care, be sure others will. In my opinion, there’s not point in delaying an alpha unless some of the packaging objectives are not met. Other than that, it’s always a subject of debate. Delaying can be acceptable for good reasons; the problem being the definition of “good reason”.

Anyway, I’m sure INovae (after all Flavien and Keith are both driving this project, right? :slightly_smiling:) will specify what they have in mind.

So let’s keep cool and wait for the weekly progress.