Procedurally Generated City Planets


If they had gone with their original vision, and not tried to become the kitchen sink of games, we’d probably be playing it by now. :face_with_monocle:


I hate to be that guy but here I go… What reveals have cig not followed through on ? …2.0 is here. The basic multi crew is here…3.0 using testing getting ready to go to a wider test audience. Sq42 is coming along with an update coming in dec.

Things like sataball was pushed back as it’s not as important ATM compared to other stuff but it’s still coming.

The misquote was 10 systems at release however like I said that was a misquote as Chris clarified he was talking about beta not full release


They have fix’s for the performance issues some are comming in the next few patches others like server meshing is coming later on

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Tbh as a backer I would be happy if i-novae had the resources to make there original concept that they pitched almost 10 yrs ago instead of pg city’s. As someone else said just because Chris is doing it dosnt mean i-novae have to do it.


This wasn’t intended as a “Feature Request”. I was just speculating on its possibility. I agree with most of you that I would prefer Inovae to focus on core game play.

It would be an interesting terrain, but I agree that there would need to be a lot of npc crafts flying everywhere to promote realism.


Being someone who was there from the very beginning, I can tell you it is a fraction of its original Kickstarter. I won’t go into detail because there is a Star Citizen thread. But I will provide a link that highlights SC’s questionable decisions:


for one your wrong…completley wrong cig have added to the project since the ks and second your sighting someone who tweeted out back when cig announced the game at GDC that he was going to bring them down. derek smart is a lier, stalker,doxer. and from the sound of it your at lest a lier.

“Being someone who was there from the very beginning, I can tell you it is a fraction of its original Kickstarter”

complete bs the ks was a fraction of what it is now due to the streach goals that was reached. but im done talking to someone who dosnt try and hide the fact he’s a troll. have a great day!!


I haven’t followed the development of SC at all and I might have missed a lot of things (in fact I haven’t followed even this project recently). But for my untrained eye that demo of theirs is pretty much ALL one would want from a space game. That is just what I always thought SFC cities would look like. And there are oceans, trees, even clouds. You can walk around everywhere including detailed interiors! So is there some hidden catch here or why are so many people so sceptical? :slight_smile:

Is the scepticism mostly about broken promises so far or the anticipation of the tech falling short in the end / funds running dry?

I am pretty patient and I don’t have skin in the game in SC. So I dont care much about promised deadlines that are missed. It’s ok for me if they take their time and make an all-in-one game with a ton of features. :wink:


The issue is more the huge gap *in quality between what’s shown in the trailers *stated as a fully playable build and what’s eventually released as a playable build to backers. Dreams are cheap.

I really do hope it’s as good as the hype, but I’ve been consistantly disapointed for the last four years.


So that planetary city and their procedural tech is not feasible in the end for a game like this or is it just that the playable version lags far behind the demos?

If it comes some day then I’m fine.

Roberts Space Industries - Star Citizen

Might want to move the discussion onto the SC thread.
*I could rant for hours about my personal hangups with SC.


Trantor > Coruscant.


what lol " the huge gap *in quality between what’s shown in the trailers *stated as a fully playable build and what’s eventually released as a playable build to backers. Dreams are cheap."
i dunno what your smoking but i think you should stop


the issue started from derek smart who has had an axe to grind since wing commander 1 and then at GDC WHEN SC WAS ANNOUNCED DEREK TWEETED OUT HE WAS GOING TO KILL THE GAME AND SO HE STARTED HIS 4 YRS OF HATE (whoops didnt mean to type with caps) and doxing and stiring the pot so much one idiot sent death threats to chris and his family then you have the goons from eve that latch on to the project and when they couldnt get there own way with the direction of the game they started to stir the pot from trolling the forums to a ddos type atttack on customer service to spreading misinformation/fud to teaming up with derek.

every 90 days we get a frest claim that in 90 days the project will end, dereks gone as far as to feed fake info to the escapest who was given by him fake documents to prove his fake members of staff who slagged the company off on glass doors were legit staff members.

and lets not forget he claimed 2.0 couldnt be done …is was he claimed 3.0 cant be done regarding the pg planets…its done and in testers hands now awaiting a wider test group. then you have all the little idiots who got burned and rightfully so that went to sit in his corner and now they scream and scream. i would say 90% of the negative shit you can read is bs

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Should probably move the Star Citizen conversation to the SC Thread, so this thread doesn’t continue to go off topic

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i apologise i hate to see misinformation put around about any game so ill end my involvment now so the thread can get back on track.


The Planets in SC is quite small, the station in CitizenCon is only 16km altitude approximately from surface.

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Yeah, the key with setting planet size is that unless you want to go full scale to ensure full physical scale consistency, how small you make it doesn’t actually matter. You can have a planet be 1% scale or 50% scale, in either case players will never use all of that area so either is just as valid from a gameplay perspective.

There was another game that shall not be named that did full galaxy generation with tiny planets, it did a great job of generating a huge sense of scale within the gameplay because despite the ridiculously small scale of planets, it was more than you’d ever want to use and therefore more than enough to prop up the gameplay end of scale.

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What about procedurally generating the art? Like a generator for various building shapes and another generator for textures like metal plating, granite, glass, etc… Then using that under the city generator? Procedural inception xD