Problem with account/password

This is new account I made so I could post in the forums. I have another account that I log in thru facebook (Duano) but on that account I cant post or reply or anything. Even worst, I cant log in to launcer on dev prototype.

I made this account and chanced email on that account and then put on this account and tried logging in and then changes it back and then tryies reseting password and all kinda things and nothing worked.

I dont get why says negative when logged in on this account even tho I changed my email here.

So can somebody help me enable my facebook account? Because it looks like its deactivated or something as I realty cant post anything here on that account and that account is connected with my pledge it seems.

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Lets take it slow.

Can somebody check my facebook account (Duano) and see why that account isnt allowed to post or reply?

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As far as i know you need to log in with the same email address as the one you pledged with. If you pledged using your facebook account then log in using facebook account’s email and password. You can also link a new forum account with your facebook email (add email) and it should work.

These things happen when people use different emails for different things, i have the same email for kickstarter, indiegogo and inovaestudious and had no problems.

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Thanks for reply. If you see likes on two first posts, its by a user named Duano. (my facebook account) But that user cant reply or post new threads. Dont know why.

In dev access prototype on launcer, when I use “External log in” > Facebook, it just opens a infinity website. Im allready signed in but nothing more happens.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ve had a few other users who’ve experienced problems as well. We’ll get it all sorted out as soon as we can and we appreciate your patience.

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Wohoo, I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to change my pledge account to this one so I can try play the prototype?

Simply changing email (and verifying it) doesnt help as it seems to have bound this account with the email at the time of the creation of the account. So no matter what I change my email to, it looks like its locked to the original email I created the account with.

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yes I’ve got that problem also. the login panel gives me the option of typing in a login id and password, or logging in with facebook. If I log in with facebook, another panel opens up and acts as a browser, showing your webpage, and nothing else happens. if I type in a login id and pw it’s rejected. tried my facebook id and there, no go. I login to this website using facebook, I was expecting to log into the prototype that way. am I doing it wrong?

No you aren’t, there’s a bug with the Facebook authentication in the launcher that we’re currently working to resolve. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

ok thanks very much

I am currently having this problem as well. I can’t log in with the Facebook or log in with my username and password.
But I can log in using my Name Griffin and my password, but not my email? Its rather confusing what name we should be using I suppose.

If you created your account with Facebook then you do not have a password associated with your account. All we know is that if Facebook tells us you’ve been authorized then you’re good to go. I just checked-in a fix for this problem however we won’t be able to complete testing and roll a patch out to production until tomorrow at the earliest. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

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Will this patch be happening anytime before the weekend?

It was released today. Please check the Developer Access forums for more information.

Awesome. Im downloading the patch as we speak, and Im sure it will be fine once its updated.

So now, that’s that done, how bout we fix my facebook account not being abel to post/reply on the forums, bug thingy? :wink: Cheers

You can post on the forums as @spacet, I’m afraid your @Duano account is likely lost and for some reason is actually currently blocked.

So there is nothing you guys can do? Can I get dev access on this account so I can post/look in i:b dev forums?

Ok sorry, your @Duano account should be fine. In fact you should be able to login and post with all 3 of your accounts. For some reason @Duano was blocked though I haven’t been able to find a record of bad behavior associated with the account. I’ve unblocked it and you should be able to post now. Please let me know if you have anymore problems.

Just to clarify @spacet isn’t associated with your (2) accounts @Demien. The DB records are correct I just read them slightly incorrectly (sorry @spacet!). Both @Duano and @Demien should work fine now however.

And finaly :slight_smile: Thank you very much. Also check out support page, Ive located bad fonts that causes launcher crash.

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