Press [Space] to continue? Hotas fails to operate

I’ve been trying to set the game up with my X52 hotas. The problem with the launcher is that it doesn’t provide clear indication that the hotas is functioning. There is some indication that the game is detecting the device, but when I launch the game it takes me to the external view of the starting base with the banner across the bottom that says “press key to continue.” In previous attempts to get on it normally says “press space key to continue” or something to that effect. When I press space then the game starts, but my hotas is not functioning. If the word “space” is missing from the banner. “Press key to continue” then the game will not start and will ignore any attempts to proceed further.

Hi there,
Unfortunately I don’t have a X52 so I can’t really help with that. There was someone else who had problems with his X52 Pro a couple of months ago and managed to resolve them, so hopefully his thread will be able to help you resolve your problems too: X52 Pro Hotas, not working