Pre-alpha test week-end meetup

Flavien mentioned on Discord that he hopes that this weekend will be a good stress test of the current alpha build of Battlescape. Well, here is what he actually said…

To increase our chances of making his wish come true I suggest that as many of us as possible agree to meet up in the prototype at the same time. Here’s the time I am proposing:

Saturday 28th January

US West (PST) 11am
US East (EST) 2pm
UK (GMT) 7pm
EU West (CET) 8pm
EU East (EET) 9pm

Of course there will probably be a fair few players on all weekend, but if we can maximise the players at this particular time I think it would be a lot of fun for all of us. Until the server crashes but hey :wink:

We’ll be using the Battlescape Discord server for communication during this event:

Hope to see you there!


I’m down to crash a server at 11am with some coffee.


wish i could make those times…but most likely my game time will be Eastern times in the evenings only. Look forward to playing! =)

I go to my fiancee’s house every weekend which is great but means I won’t be around.
I’ll hope to come back on Sunday night rather than Monday, so I’ll be on around 10pm GMT on Sunday.

I’ll definitely be online :smiley:

Hope you all have fun! Don’t crash things too much :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be away so I won’t get to see all the Alphas slamming into planets at warp, but I look forward to hearing how it all goes. :smiley:

The alpha-backer week-end test now has started. All alpha backers should now have access. If you’re still having issues, let us know on the forums or on Discord ( see FAQ topic at the top of the forums ). Enjoy !


A live stream recorded yesterday:

The server crashed once yesterday after an hour or so; I quickly uploaded a small fix, and it hasn’t crashed again since then. Peak concurrent players was at 36.




How did it go? Many people online earlier?

Yes, I wonder too. Nobody shared a live today ?

@Gorignack had a twitch stream:

I recorded some earlier stuff as well, will put together a short edit tomorrow.


Here’s my tribute to last night: (4K)

Always AWESOME with you guys! :kissing_heart:


simply wonderful. some great shots and good music choice!

Thank’s man you guys make it happen.


Love the camera shots. Did you really record it in 4K ? Unfortunately framerate seemed quite choppy. Ideally we’d be able to record the same video at a constant 60 fps. Otherwise great work, mind if I reshare it on our social media ?

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Thanks Flav,

sure, no problem… it’s fan fade, so should be fine.

Yeah, I’ve got to upgrade my monitor to 120Hzs, and save up for the next Titan.

Auch im suprised i survived that battle in the end where jan got wasted :smiley: everyone was shooting at me…

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On Discourse last night Flavien said the current peak concurrent users is about 40.

I thought it would be more as over 800 people have alpha access or greater.

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