Play-test Alpha week-end 9 to 12 March - Feedback, community, pictures, videos

Hey everybody,

The 9th to 12th March 2018 Play-test Alpha week-end has just started. Every backer that pledged at the alpha-test tier or above should now have access ( see ).

The game can be downloaded from

You can also post your feedback, comments, pictures, videos or streams in this topic :slight_smile:

Lomsor streaming patch


The Launcher does not let me login

How do you login ? Facebook, google or a direct username/password ?

Can you disconnect / reconnect on the website ?


Just reset my password, and… it still wont work

It logs me into browser following it, but if i logout, it wont let me log back in

Ah, its username not username or email on launcher. so in now…

Sorry for confusion.

So you can log in and install the patch now ?

Yea, downloading package atm.

Good then, hope you’ll enjoy :wink:

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I wanted to let you guys know that you seriously need to review your user experience during the installation process. The ideal is that I press a button on a web page somewhere and the next thing I know I’m playing Battlescape. The more steps and decisions that exist between those two states, the worse it is for your product - which is particularly important during your Alpha and Beta test periods.

If you send out an email, the one thing it must have is a button with the word DOWNLOAD on it, front and center. Pressing that button should start a process that involves no decisions or actions except those that are absolutely essential for playing the game. Don’t show me lots of optional and helpful information. You can present that via other channels.

The mandatory steps seems to be:

  1. Press a button to start the launcher.
  2. Press a button to start the game (because you seem to want a multi-game launcher)
  3. Log into the game
  4. Play game

Everything else is just encouraging me to go off and do something else.


(Never installed the game, so high likelihood of misinterpretation/irrelevant post.) Nowadays people seem to be really keen on trying to make everything “user friendly” that usually ends up being garbage. Not saying you have to bombard someone with information, but don’t remove choices just because you think some people are too dumb to get trough them. For example if an installer doesn’t bother to ask me where to install something, I’m not installing said thing. :smiley:


i also want to add the experience of figuring out how to actually play is a little disappointing. When i went to download link on main page…installed that…it only gave option to uninstall. At first i was confused by that…but realized i must do that first. After I uninstalled, i then click launcher again…and i see i can install it now. So I did. After I installed, it seemed to want to do another update…so i did that. once i did that update, it asked to do ANOTHER update…but this time when i click the upgrade button i eventually get a timeout situation and nothing happens. So i tried that multiple times and no luck. Came back this morning…tried again…and it downloaded. Seems to be I am now on correct update…at least i think.

certainly needs to be cleaned up quite a bit before alpha release.

@Socman it sounds like there was a bit of a miscommunication. You already had the game installed so in your case all you had to do was start up the launcher. Granted, you would still have to start up the launcher 3 times to update the installation runtime, launcher, and then the game - which I agree is not particularly user friendly and we do intend to resolve that problem. That being said you did not need to download anything from our website and all of your future interactions with the game should run through the launcher.


Nice video. One issue: I thought we all agreed the alpha access weekends should not be described as ‘free’.


When i saw how many ships there were near the surface, i couldn’t help not recording this.


… And Replop was the unfortunate collateral damage of your recording :wink:

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He definitely got his revenge, but my video mysteriously ends before that occurred.

(and 15m seems to be a better length for this style of gameplay clip)

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Totally forgot :pensive:, I changed the title and thumbnail.

Here is a video from Citizen Gamer:


I thought this patch would be a good opportunity to upload my first ever video :smiley: It’s rather short, but I couldn’t help recording our resident screenshotter (thanks to @SpaceJay for being kind to me until the very end)!

Although you can’t see it in this particular clip, it does highlight some minor behaviour issues with the current NPCs - namely that SpaceJay died quite a lot before this video was recorded! A gang of interceptors just kept pounding him every time, but no NPC support from the blue team turned up to help!


Short clip from the battle @ Zesthia today. 4K
Music is one of the in-game music tracks.