Pinterest - I-Novae Studios, a personal collection ;)

My lovely girlfriend introduced me to Pinterest a while back, and I’ve begun applying it in a useful way. What could be better than storing all my favorite I-Novae concepts, model screenshots, engine screenshots, fan art, articles and videos in one place. Feel free to browse, I’ll be updating it as more material is released.

If you think anything should be added to my collection, feel free to post a link and some info in this thread, I’d be happy to consider adding it.



Glad to hear you don’t have a wicked one. :wink:

Oh, she’s wicked enough… she collects souls :wink:

Must NOT say soul powered loveliness!!! Must not turn thread into a JOKE!!!

Awesome collection :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to remove all that text when looking at it? Or increasing the size of each thumbnail?
Those would be the only reasons I would create a pinterest account. Besides removing that huge blue banner begging you to register.