Patch events unification


Just a FYI, we have uploaded a candidate patch in the beta branch on Steam.

To test it, in your Steam library, right-click on Infinity: Battlescape, open Properties, and in the Betas tab, select “beta -” from the list. Then let Steam auto-update to

It is heavily recommended that you manually backup your custom input profiles before you launch this version ( files are in C:\Users\XXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles ).

I’ll post the full patch notes tomorrow when it’s made public. Until then, for those interested, the test focus should be on the events unification and new key bindings. The most important part is to know whether your custom input profiles still work, and if not, what you had to change to make them work.

Note that due to the fact there are new events for capital ships, some of these new events might not work out of the box. However all the old events ( especially related to small ships and normal controls ) should 100% work. If they don’t, please report, thank you.

When reporting an issue, make sure you mention which profile you are using ( or if it’s a custom profile, please attach the OLD and the NEW one to your post ) and which event are causing issues.

Events were given a proper name and all have tooltips. If you still find some events or tooltips confusing, please let us know as well !

-Flavien Brebion


Thanks Flavien!
I have seen the struggle to get this to work and hope we can do our part here. :slightly_smiling_face:

First feedback right before heading to bed, quickly jumped in:

Following events I had to rebind to the buttons I already had bound before the update beside the new or unified events:

  • Flight Assist
  • Boost
  • Overcharge Mode
  • Saftey Lock
  • Turn to camear

( A few more I must have forgotten)

Honestly, I don’t mind this. Early Access and all!

Amount of events is alright. Especially with the new naming and ordering! Great Ordering!

Control modes moved to the options menu. Great! Previous implementation was ok for testing but this way is much more mature.
There seems to be a change with the direct control mode. Feels better for very small movements. Top speed seems quite low … need to check it out more.
Yep. Just tested a bit more and even with an analog stick, when in VirtualNavigation mode, the analog stick has way more max speed. When I switch the control mode to direct it is a miniscule max rotational speed when I put the stick to 100%.
At first I thought Dircet mode was dropped at all with the unification (I have an external tool that emulates it by the way) … just my testing though, it is not used by many people the mode … so should be lover priority.

All the things (events) I tested still work! Like detailed above I had to rebinds some events that I lost from my pre profile but once that was done it behaved the same as before or like described in the options menu.

Keybinding menu now has space for keybinding + long modfier name. Great!

Small nitpick:
Currently in the list it is “Throttle Increase”, “Throttle Dercrease”, “Throttle Prev”, “Throttle Next” in that order. If I bind “Modifier + Mousewheelup”, “Modifier + MoushweelDown”, “MouswheelUp”, “MouswheelDown”. The throttle steps go in the opposite direction then I would expect, like they should because “Next” ist next higher and “Previous” is previous lower. I would suggest swapping “Throttle Prev” and “Trhottle Next” in the list though for anyone else liking to do that.

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Allright I’ll check that out, thanks.

For the events you had to re-bind… was that on a custom profile ? I assume you still have the old profile, can you attach it ? I was expecting trouble related to ship movement and axis, not simple events such as flight assist or safety lock.

When you say “I had to rebind” can you precise:

  • Was it on a custom profile, or one of the presets the game came with ?
  • Were these events’s keys empty ? Or did they somehow use the wrong event keys ?
  • Or was there a conflict with something else which forced you to rebind the keys to something else ?

Currently out and about. I don’t have the particular profile as I started the game before reading your post but have similar ones that could be used, will provide once home.

It was a pre patch custom profile.
The events that were previously filled were filled with the defaults. (some of) The secondary keys I have set pre patch were empty.
There was no conflict. My previous profile had some conflicts. With the new design those don’t happen anymore though as they are moved to new categories.

Allright thanks. I fixed the display order of prev / next events and made everything coherent.

I tested and am unable to replicate your issues in Direct mode.

I can’t figure out the problem with these other keys you had to rebind, so until you can provide the old config files, I can’t test / replicate it.

Sadly the game seems to have converted most of my profiles, sorry for not banking it up correctly.

I did some testing and wasn’t able to reproduce all the things I noticed yesterday night.
Still, I was able to reproduce it at one point:

<Input Event="SwitchOvercharge" SecKeys="joystick0button10" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="3"/>
<Input Event="SwitchOvercharge" Name="UI_Event_SwitchOvercharge" Tooltip="UI_Event_SwitchOvercharge_Tooltip" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="4"/>

Did the previous version “remove” the “keys=” part when you rightclick the field?

Yes now I remember. All the things I had to rebind, the ones mentioned in my first post. where ones that ONLY had “seckeys” and no “keys”. I think at least.
Because I put all my joystick button related buttons on the second keys to differentiate from the default ones.

I made a test. These are new files created ingame and not tampered with. Created in the non beta version ingame, copied and renamed, then loaded in the beta version:


    <Input Event="AutoAssist" Keys="backslash" SecKeys="joystick0button11" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="2"/>
    <Input Event="SwitchOvercharge" SecKeys="joystick0button10" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="3"/>
    <Input Event="SafetyLock" Keys="" SecKeys="joystick0button9" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="3"/>
    <Input Event="CycleZoomMode" SecKeys="joystick0button1" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="4"/>


    <Input Event="AutoAssist" Name="UI_Event_AutoAssist" Tooltip="UI_Event_AutoAssist_Tooltip" Keys="backslash" SecKeys="joystick0button11" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="2"/>
    <Input Event="SwitchOvercharge" Name="UI_Event_SwitchOvercharge" Tooltip="UI_Event_SwitchOvercharge_Tooltip" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="4"/>
    <Input Event="SafetyLock" Name="UI_Event_SafetyLock" Tooltip="UI_Event_SafetyLock_Tooltip" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="3"/>
    <Input Event="CycleZoomMode" Name="UI_Event_CycleZoomMode" Tooltip="UI_Event_CycleZoomMode_Tooltip" Type="ToggleButton" GroupID="5"/>

It seems if there’s an empty “keys” or no “keys” at all there it doesn’t port it over.

In other news. 6DOF capital mode is awesome!

Scrollwheel works great now! No more weird jumping about and inconsitency. I think so at least, seems a lot better.

Oh, that’s because you have events using secondary keys without a primary key. Was there a reason you assigned your keys to secondary instead of primary ?

I’ll tamper with the code to better handle that case, thank you.

Yes. The idea was to have “keyboard and mouse” on the “keys” and “joystick” on the sec keys. As a kind of dual input option thing.

I did the same on my generic porfiles from the other thread and most of those got deleted too. I had all the default “qwerty” inputs moved to “seckeys” and then selectively bound the “keys” to the joystick. I asked you back then if I would do it that way, which one would be prefered. “Keys” or “SecKeys” and your replied with “keys”. For me personally I like to have the more elaborate and less likely to work and have less possible keys, the joystick, on the “seckeys”, that’s why it was like that in my profiles.

You just pointed out some weirdness in my “generic” profiles and I just noticed that … must have been to sleepy when I did those too. Sorry, I need to do these things in the early evening and not early morning.

One additional thing I noticed is that the “conflic” warning shows the “event” and not the “name” … the “event” isn’t shown anywhere in the UI currently so I think that might be a bug, there’s no way to see which event is meant ingame except for guessing.

Hello all, Steam asks for a code for the beta, can you communicate it to us plz?

There is no code, if you have the beta option enabled it will automatically download the latest beta version if there is one available (currently there is none available).

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