Old FL-TW forum archives

A few people in the community have been given access to a part of the old forum(that was lost in a hack) database.

I was one of those folks and I have produced an archive website. www.fl-tw.xad.lt
The site requires a password to access (default username = Reader), you can obtain this password by asking me or @Lomsor on Discord and please do not share it around after you get it or it will get changed.

Please read the disclaimer provided to you upon login, it contains important usage guidelines approved by Inovae, play by the rules, please.

NOTE: My implementation is not yet complete, it is fully functional but there will be bugs and some features are missing, during the coming week or two all of this will get addressed and new archiving features will be made available so you guys can help us bookmark really cool stuff you dig up on the archive.

Features missing from the base implementation:

  • Author parameter for the post/thread search (ETA 1-2 days) DONE
  • User list/search (ETA 2-4 days)
  • Fully responsive design (ETA 7-10 days)

Stuff that will be available in the future:

  • Personal accounts
  • Ability to bookmark things you find on the forum with said bookmark being visible to everyone on the archive in a special section

I as well have been granted access to the Database and created a browseable archive out of it. I’m hosting it on my Website.

Mine is a more classic implementation in looks and function based on the original forum software.

Here it is:

The same applies here. You need a password to acces the content. It’s the same password as on @TheCoach’s implementation.
To get access ask one of us.


To use the search on my implementation you have to have entered the password at least once in your current season.
Also note that the quick-search (the small one at the top of every page) automatically only searches the board you are currently in. Either go to the archive homepage or use the advanced search from the menu if you want to search the whole forum.

We are very grateful that I-Novae has decided to give us access to all these years of memories. I want to ask every user to carefully follow the guidelines in order to not break their trust.


Excellent work guys!



A new search UI has been implemented on my implementation.
It makes searching for posts/threads of specific users much easier.

To access it just do any kind of search(preferable with an empty field for fastest loading)
The results wndow now has a row on top with a USER select, this select is searchable!



Added a “Random” Button to the main menu in between the button for the search and memberlist.

Generates a list of links to 10 Random Posts for your time sinking needs.
It takes a few seconds to fetch these.

Same as for most functions: You need to have entered the archive password at least once in your current season.


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