NO OC server, probs going to want a refund

There is no OC server. So new zealand and Australian players have a terrible ping. lowest i get is to us west from perth at 250+, asia is 280+. (can send screenshots)

So far it’s made hitting targets not nice at all. I backed this game in kickstarter years ago, took the risk with my money to support this team and no servers.

like ur just gonna get negative reviews cos of this which hurts review score which affects overall sales. sad.

Pings from Perth, New Zealand and Sydney should be worse.


I know it seems like Singapore was the best option considering what the pings in reality should be if things were working like they should. But real OC is the only way it seems.

Evidence of cut cable.


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Thanks for reporting that to us. Considering the distance between Australia and Singapore we didn’t think it’d be an issue. We’ll look into what we can do to open a server in Australia, but I don’t have any ETA to give you at this moment.

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We have just provisioned an Australian server. It will take a bit of time to get it fully configured.