No confirmation email for new account on

I made an account here with a different email, I made this account with the log in via google method, but this email is not the same as my indiegogo email, the one I just mentioned.
I have received the order confirmation from indiegogo, as well as email verification, etc. But I have not received my confirmation email, and I would like to play the game…

For your account to be active your inovae account needs to be associated with your Indiegogo account.

You can add a second email address on your account settings page and also change your primary email there as far as I know.
It takes some time to synch Indiegogo with the inovae accounts though.

See the FAQ thread for more info.

What I’m trying to say, is that I can’t even log into the account with the email that matches the indiegogo account. Since I tried to create an account on this website, it won’t let me add it as a secondary email.
I’m not waiting for the sync between my account and indiegogo. I’m waiting for the account creation confirmation email that this website should have sent me when I created an account, to verify that i’m human or whatever.

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Here try this.

Have you tried just logging in with the Google method?
Maybe there is no account creation email when using the Google method.

I have already tried this option.

Okay. I tried to make an account for inovaestudios under momiro@live(.)com, I am supposed to be waiting for verification email.
Since I didn’t get a verification email, made the google login account, since there is no verification required to use the forums. That google account is connected to momiropan@gmail(.)com

I attempted to add momiro@live(.)com as my secondary email for the momiropan@gmail(.)com account, but the website throws an error at me.

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Maybe the confirmation email got rejected by your email provider. This was an issue during the alpha launch I think.
You probably have to wait for a dev to help with that.

Maybe resetting your password for this account will help.

I’m not sure I understand how resetting the password for this account would help. Do you mean with adding the email to this account?

Your problem is that you can’t login to the inovae website using the email (which you also used for the Indiegogo account) right?

That is correct. Oh, you mean attempt the forgot password option for the email?

Yes try the forgot password method for your inaccessible email account on the inovae page.
Sometimes this can fix such activation issues, but it’s just a guess.

So I just tried that. No email yet, I’m hoping a dev will get back to me. I sent them an email, but I’m also worried if they reply with a solution, I won’t get the email, due to the original problem preventing me from confirming my account.

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Just check this thread later, this stuff always gets resolved.:slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to look into what’s going on until later tonight EST. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciate your patience and we’ll get you sorted out as soon as we can.

That’s alright. Thanks for getting back to me

I just responded to your email - you’re all sorted out now. For the record you now have 2 accounts - your original and the one you created with your Gmail.


Checking in with my intended account, thanks for sorting it out! I did check out my spam folder, and any other weird outlook folders, I refreshed the page, but never got the email. I did get the email from you though, but still not the automated one that should have been sent yesterday.
Thanks again!! I’m downloading it now

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