New networking video

In case you missed it:

That is a lot of moving dots.
Having anywhere near that many players in the game battleling it out would be insane.
There are some awesome battles ahead. I personally would like to see the next free fly weekend include beta backers, so that we can really stress test the new network code once it is implemented.


Any idea what the red/green flashes stand for? Ship destructions?

From the video description:

This is a video of a simple demo application that simulates 300 bots connected to a server participating in a “massive space battle”. Each client has a different simulated latency and arbitrarily fires a stream of bullets. The multi-colored boxes represent clients flying ships of various sizes and the violet boxes around them are their bounding boxes calculated with latency compensation. The blue dots are of course bullets. Occasionally you will notice the screen flashing - this represents the current player being hit by a bullet.

This simulation represents our new networking code which will be merged into the next version of Infinity: Battlescape to provide a more robust space combat experience.

Nice work INS.