New kickstarter target date?

I know this has been asked many times before, but it’s been a while… and it’s obvious we’re passed the last target date of mid July.

Maybe at this point we recognize that it’s a bit inappropriate to ask for a date, considering it will be released as soon as it’s done™. But, can we at least have something?

I’m personally waiting patiently for Keith’s blog post. I don’t know though, if the community doesn’t feel this way, then feel free to disregard this post.

You are correct that the date has been pushed back. We’re a bit hesitant to announce a new target date since we have a habit of missing those and everybody gets upset however we’re actually on schedule at the moment. It’s kind of amazing really ;). I’m still working on the blog post which will have a lot more info on what we’ve been up to lately.

Again 99% of what we’re working on at the moment won’t be publicly shown until we actually launch our KS or just before it. People were peeved with how we didn’t show any new stuff in our recent rings video. This was intentional on our part, it was never meant to be a large release. It pains us because we want to show you all our cool stuff just as much as you want to see it however due to our habit of missing release dates etc we’ve intentionally made the decision to keep a low profile until we’re actually ready to launch. The hope is to have a really big release and attempt to saturate the media as much as we can with a whole bunch of new content.


Wow, quick reply, thanks!

I feel the decision to hold most of the content back for release is a good one, and I hope you guys can still hit the sweetspot of this new space game interest.

I also feel like this decision, after reading your next blog post, might give us some pretty huge blue balls.

I can’t wait!

We know for a fact that there’s a big difference between what we’re doing and what E:D, LT, NMS, SC, etc are doing. For us it’s a matter of making sure we properly communicate that difference during the KS campaign. At its core Battlescape is really going to be about capturing the cinematic feel of large, crazy space battles. Everything else in the game will ultimately be secondary or in support of that - though there’s definitely some exciting stuff we’d like to do with our stretch goals that will add more depth to the game =).


If anything, it’s good to hear from you and that you guys have a plan. That’s all I need to know! I’ve begun saving up for the KS already so I’ve got monies waiting for you!

I’m excited for it all. Keep on keepin’ on Keith n’ Company.

Shiny. I like shiny things.

*Sniff * There learning! :slight_smile:

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They’re ---- runs

Would love to see a blog post or three that details the game design you guys are shooting for, in the style of star citizen’s game design documents, perhaps.

Is that what you’re working on, or still about chugging through the engine work?

Engine, tools, textures, lighting, particles, web, design docs, video, blogs… We’re a busy bunch.

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I think the delays you’ve experienced might work in iNovae’s favour. Players that are space sim fans will have saved up a bit of money again after their pledges to ED, SC and LT. Those games will also have brought in new players that are just getting into the space sim genre and may be looking around for other games.

I’m more optimistic for Infinity Battlescape than I have been for some time. I think the game could find a good niche with the seamless atmosphere entry being its USP. One thing that could make the game very interesting is if there are different flight skills required for the space and atmospheric stages of a flight.


You beard it here first, folks! Battlescape is being locked down to run at 24 fps! There’s an announcement that Battlescape is actually going to be the next Assassin’s Creed game pending!


And it shall be forever known as “The Movember Announcement”.

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Autocorrect really wants you to donate to prostate cancer. You know where to send your kick starter savings if you’re upset over the news!

Hey with good motion blur 24fps should be all you need :wink:

THIS JUST IN: I-Novae comes to ubisoft’s aid, the two continue digging a hole through the earth’s core!

JENI is receiving word that Battlescape will feature micro payments for everything. Reports indicate that players will start off as highly skilled certified spacefighter pilots living in an otherwise abandoned shack on some remote backwater moon inhabited only by grizzled old miners and prospectors. Players start off with no ship, money, weapons, or crew, and are required to take small jobs mining or blacksmithing to be able to afford passage to progressively larger, more prosperous mining towns until they can afford a ship of their own. Alternatively, players can buy character “back story upgrades” and start the game as heir to the throne of the Deltan Empire.


Additional news: with the announcements that Elite: Dangerous has been developed to run on present and future tech, the I-Novae team have changed the decision to make performance acceptable. Battlescape will be designed to run on quantum computers and will be released around the year 2058.


Are you guys going to make the videos in 60 fps? I think it would be really cool and something different than others!

Probably not because that’ll double the size of the upload and significantly increase the amount of time it takes to process the footage :\