New Forum Member - On and off interest for 9 years. Some thoughts and suggestions

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Hi Everyone! Shwmae! (As they say in Wales!)

I’ve just pledged today and joined this forum but Ive always been following on and off the developments which this superb looking game and ultimately the potential it offers.

Current Thoughts

The Kickstarter seems to be doing alright and should reach 300k on current trajectory but stretch goals are going to need a big collective effort by all supporters to get the message out.

The unique selling points compared to other space themed games need to be really emphasised here :smile: (as you are well aware of the other ‘competition’)

I think we need to get all those thousands of people who were and are STILL interested in the project but because its been so long term many have forgotten about it or just had to get on with their lives.

These can be re-reached through not just using youtubers to play the prototype game, but also replying to all the comments on all the infinity quest for earth/ and battlescape videos.

I see numerous comments like
“Looks good but seems to be vaporware or what? Taking years”

And while we know why its taken so long - (an heroic effort by a small team with little funding) - they dont and we need to reply to everyone along the lines of:

"hey, theyve got a kickstarter going and every dollar pledged by you goes towards improving the game - heres the link: * link * "

And thank goodness youtube allows links to be posted :wink:

Social Media Reach

  • Many of these youtube channellers are reached through their twitter account and we could make a list of ones to contact and have a checklist.

Some fantastic channels that love space themed stuff I havent seen touch on infinity yet (vital the kickstarter is advertised on them too.

  • We should try to advertise the kickstarter on as many space related videos as possible starting with infinity ones uploaded by randomers and branching out to star citizen/Elites…then possibly even onto new space videos that have nothing to do with gaming. Sounds spammy but hey we’ve got less than a month!

People saying "dont worry/dont stress " but this is our one shot, our one month to help towards making a fantastic game. :smile:

i-Novae Studios

  • I think stating on the campaign bio - that the game is just ‘one big multiplayer punch up in a real scale solar system’ may not be enough

Twist the truth slightly and say “solar systems” (much more impressive) its not lying, and not only will there be different servers but eventually your studio wants a whole galaxy done

  • I hope i-Novae studios themsleves are using facebook and other platforms efficiently to reach old fans and new pledgers

Pictures spread best on their facebook page - not links or statuses
_ I haven’t seen one picture advertising the kickstarter on the page yet

Advertising through facebook and youtube is not as expensive as it seems.
(a handful of dollars can reach several thousand people)

The Game’s kickstarter trailer still does not have the kickstarter link on it!

All related infinity videos need to make the viewer aware of the current kickstarter campaign - people recently commenting on them still didnt know!
(I had to tell them to much disbelief)

Wise targeted advertising - Spends a little to gain a lot

Balanced grassroots advertising - Be shameless but not annoying :wink: (sorry if this rant is :joy: )

Some Potential Challenges

  • Competition with other space games.

Will people spend money towards this campaign when they’ve spent out on other games esp space games released recently? (unique selling points are vital here)

  • Rumours of ‘No Man’s Sky’ release on 28th October - could both hinder and help us

Hinder - People rather spend their wages towards a finished game

Help - Raises the awareness of how cool these types of space games are.

  • How to get back the thousands of old fans that have given up on this?

I dont know how to directly find them but a few thoughts include:

Using emailing lists of old members

Posting on other space game forums/ facebook groups

Contacting known coding groups who would love to invest / participate in a procedural engines

But I’ll try to contact all the commenters on old infinity videos…as I see very little of that from others yet

Future promises?

I suppose its honest and true not to do this…but if you could have more future options that wasnt combative.(base building)…and the player could walk solo on the planet and interact with buildings etc and hold a rifle etc - that would have huge drawing power. You would blow away many of the competition

What do you think?


There is a very active thread “Time to spread the word! (Evangelism Kit)”

Is this what your looking for?


Welcome to the forum.

Wales eh, me too. But I’m an Englishman living Wales!

Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

They have been posting some videos and stuff that I have seen. They could do more though as you say.

I just watched a video on their page that had an annotation linking to the KS so I think they are on top of this already. (Maybe from your post, who knows lol)

I think we’ve seen the general reaction from people when they first see the game is “wow this tech is amazing” and I think there is room for more than 1 or 2 space games in people’s libraries, especially given the low cost of entry at just 20$ for the full game when you back.

I think most people saying " I’ll take No Man’s Sky over this " will get the game and say “wow this is not at all what I wanted out of this game…”, play it for a few hours, and then drop it. Whether that leaves a bad taste in their mouth who knows, but those same people could come and say “you know what, I didnt get what I wanted out of that game, but Infinity is only 20$, why not.” Well see!

AFAIK this has already happened.