New faction names

Let’s talk about the lore a bit. Well, I know it’s not going to be included into Battlescape, but I’m curious as to how the dev team came up with the new faction names.

Also, why have corporations instead of “nations”, or whatever definition could have been given to the “Centauran” and “Deltas” governements?

No nagging here… just really curious :slight_smile:

Opening KS video states that the system is in Starfold space, these are probably some minor factions/corps.


Yeah, I don’t think it would make sense to have the 3 factions fight in one system, because it would create too much work fleshing them all out properly.
The Astralis (KS tier) look like a Centauri faction, though, so maybe we may see some Deltan faction or occasionally rare ships pop up in the future?

They kept the Starfold name. :smiley:

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True indeed, and even with the stretch goal adding another faction, I was wondering if, with good luck, we get to that stretch goal, will there also be another three “corporations” inside the “Astralis Collective”?

The Astralis Collective will replace one of the 3 SFC corporations.

So it’ll be 2 SFC corporations and 1 Astralis Collective group? Is the Astralis Collective a replacement for the Deltan Federation or Centaurus? A Starfold splinter group? An independent region elbowing in on SFC space? Has any of that been decided?

Astralis replaces the Centaurs faction.

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Cool! The SFC/Cent conflict could still be a thing! Same basic lore with a new name, or are we potentially looking at a whole new vision for our tree-hugging friends?

Im extremely happy you kept the starfold name, it’s great. The replacement for cent is good but will take some getting used to. Please hurry up and get rid of “deltan”.

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I already have a replacement for Deltan, but there is still some in-fighting on the team.

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if you guys have it narrowed down to a few options it might be a good opportunity to get some community input coughs loudly

Also, keep in mind what happened to eve. People went to caldari because it looked the most vanilla on the empire select screen. New-deltan, if it still has the same values as it did, may have similar draw. If possible it may be worth trying to offset a predisposition to a certain faction at this stage.


Borialis? Burealis? Barealis?

I like the new names, they seem pretty original. And the logos are nice too!