New Concept Arts

Took a small modeling break to draw some concepts for unmanned assault ships. The first one was a messy free form drawing. The main idea was to have a large front mount and angled armour. Not happy with how it turned out but the idea has some merit so I’ll be revisiting it later. The second is a more precisely constructed drawing of a ship with two large front mounts and 3 smaller mid section mounts (flak, point defense). It’s not bad so I’ll be making a few more iterations of it and see what happens.

Unmanned ships are a welcome departure from manned ships since you don’t have to take crew facilities and such into account. I can mix up ship aesthetics a bit \o/


They look good, but what part will unmanned ships play in Battlescape/Infinity? I imagine there might be drones and the like, but will we actually ever control unmanned ships?

Lore expansion and potential game play mechanics to expand player fleets.

Like it! Freelancer/Homeworld inspired?
I would like to contribute a lot more here, but it’s hard to find time :confused:

There are no plans for them atm.

Edit: No plans for them in I:B. Infinity, who knows…

Ah, I remember freelancer, it was a great game for it’s time.

Anywho, the concept art is still a million times better then anything I could draw.

This looks gorgeous, Jan! Great job

Trade ships, automated drones