New blog post about how we take screen shots

Courtesy of @Hutchings we have a new blog post today with regard to the process he takes when posting our beautiful screen shots every weekend:


Very informative. I wonder what you are working on since clouds are ‘low priority’. :open_mouth: :wink:

Side question regarding clouds/nebula: Are nebulas and the like going to be volumetric as well? Would clouds share that tech?


Great blog! Way to create more hype for mentioning your fully implemented features that haven’t been shown yet. How long until KS so we can see them already? :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer to this question is relevant to my interests. Are nebulae even a feature? How would you model them? As far as I know most of the beautiful artifacts of nebulae are outside of the visible light spectrum and most of those beautiful pictures we see are false colour. I’m sure Kichae will come around and correct me on that though.

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We’ve created proof of concept demo’s with nebula that were volumetric however nebula isn’t a major focus of Battlescape so I can’t give you a definitive answer on that at the moment.

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Thanks for this :sunny:
Really love to read about the progress.
And thanks for the weekly screenshots!

Have a productive week, devs! :slight_smile:


The video makes me wonder: if we only be able to explore one solar system in battlescape, how would we ever be able to see all those different star/atmosphere color combinations? Will the battlescape arena change to a different area in the galaxy every couple of months? Or can players change the look and feel of battlescape per server?

Or, the worst option: do we need to wait for the complete mmo before this is possible…?

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Mods and DLC most likely.

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you know in the latest screenshots i’ve been noticing the ground is really shiny, like plastic. this is something i’ve noticed in some lower quality planet gen engines i’ve seen but never in inovae before. What causes this look?

That’s due to some material settings that have since been changed actually. I just explain it away by saying “It’s ice…” or “Its glassy stone…” or “It’s biofilm on the surface…” :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like the “glossy mess” problem caused by normal mapping mips, explained by Valve’s Alex Vlachos here: (at 36:00), slides:

It’s primarily caused by the fact that the material for the planet surface has its shininess set too high.