Neat I:B recordings


That reminds me, has Bluedrake made an appearance? Any of the other livestreamers?

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I understand that the second recording tests HDR effect. But is the first video also testing the same thing?

I really don’t know. I just thought it was cool. I’d like if somebody would help me out with choosing a proper title for those two videos.

Before I even posted here, I had the YouTube comment to the second video already posted. Perhaps you simply don’t know what the acronym HDR stands for:
High-dynamic-range rendering

I know about HDR but I don’t know exactly what I was showing off in the first video.

loved those dark moments in the first video, the moment the spotlight was turned on i was like, YES, A GAME THAT EMULATES NIGHT PROPERLY

Then the title of the second video could be “Adaptation to darkness in Infinity: Battlescape (HDR)”.