Naming NPC Ships

Are there any restrictions we need to know about when naming our NPC ship? Number of letters? Refraining from profanity seems obvious… Font restrictions? Can we include a .jpg or .gif like WWll fighters? Anything else?

The only thing you are providing is the name. This is then thrown into a large pool of names from which newly spawned NPC ships will grab one at random.

The only restrictions I can imagine, besides obvious ones like you stated, would be character limit and no special characters.

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Length and appropriateness of content will be the primary considerations. We want to add unicode support so that special characters aren’t an issue.


Language restrictions? Not that I’ll understand anything but English, heh.

Human. So no Capla. (Kapla? my Kningon is bad)

Be careful Keith or you’ll get “dingbat dingbat dingbat dingbat you!”

I would hope for human, yes :stuck_out_tongue: But I was asking more along the lines of will they allow languages other than English for names.

  1. Use unregistered Unicode symbols in ship name.
  2. Hope devs accept it without noticing berceuse the character does not render and appears blank.
  3. Register symbols in order to do something juvenile or profane, like turning a 3 into a butt.
  4. Congratulations, you just wasted a lot of time and probably money on a short-lived joke that may never appear properly, may never get noticed and might even get you banned.
  5. ???
  6. Profit! Loss!

I presume they would enforce a Latin charset in the database so that all names must be expressed in the Roman alphabet.

So for example:

“Fret” - French
“Gruzovoy” - Russian
“Unchin” - Japanese
“Huowu” - Chinese
“Shahn” - Arabic

Why should it though. I would be ok with cyrilik, asian or other charakters in shipnames …

Though, when it comes to coordination … “Attack the Chinese ship?” What if there are two?

I’m an open minded guy, I would just try it out.

No I wouldn’t mind foreign names in their proper characters either, but I just figured this would be the most practical compromise allowing easier communication, for instance if one were to escort or intercept a particular ship.

Maybe an option to set default alphabets; for example setting that Cyrillic will appear as such but Chinese will appear as Roman characters (maybe with the original next to it)

The problem is that, if using written chat, you may not have the keyboard for it, and in oral chat you may not know how to pronounce it (or make mistakes, with the Cyrillic alphabet)

I would hope there is a target designation function, which could post into the chat and have some sort of highlight or ping or visual aid, even if just temporary.

Why are there NPC ships and why are we referring to them by name? Capital haulers on autopilot are the only NPC ships that I recall being a part of gameplay. They should be few enough that we can refer to the one active hauler as The Hauler.

Because people who pledged $150 or more get to suggest a name for NPC ships that goes into a pool.