Multi-monitor GUI support

Unbalanced play for the win! If ya don’t have the skill ya gota win somehow!!!

Well, if you really think the differences between minimum, recommended and on-the-edge hardware specified for a specific software makes such a drastic difference in the fairness of competitive computer games you are free to present some data that supports your claim.

To anyone saying this is bad for balance - can you provide a concrete example of a situation where having the map (not the combat radar!) and cargo hold on a second screen breaks the game balance against single-screen setups?

Also how is it different than using a pad/joystick or even Oculus?

For @Lomsor: just forget @Bentware , he’s trolling hard on this topic.

If you want to be punctilious (I’d even say supercilious in that case), sure, by definition having a PC is a “pay-to-win” situation as someone will have a better PC with better performance. And maybe the player, if he’s a korean (or any nationality in fact ^^) pro-gamer, can put to good use the improved pixel details or the 100 FPS instead of the 60. So yeah, consoles are more fair on the hardware side.

BUT, that’s the beauty of PC games: considering recommended hardware requirements, any PC that qualifies for it can run the game. Well-designed games will have a lower hardware requirements; and frankly I-Novae is making a damn good job on making these requirements as low as possible.

Having two monitors comes as an extra and does not provide any disadvantage as long as the game runs the same on single screen. Wich seems to be the case.
Bentware’s argument can be resumed as: “it is unfair to use eyeglasses because some still use monocle”. Do we have to ban the eyeglasses just because of that ? Certainly not. It’s an extra comfort and frankly, good flat monitors for gaming are not that expensive at all. Welcome to the modern age :slight_smile:

You want good examples of “pay-to-win” ? Test “Runes of magic”, try out “World of tanks” (though they greatly improved their system), go play any “free multi-player browser” game that you can see in most site’s advertisements.

watch out bro or i might wreck you in cod 4 with my modded madcatz controller and my 100inch screen prepare to get pay 2 won.

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Now I think less of you. :(…emoticons don’t draw that correctly >:(
The easiest solution would be to have multi screen active sights and non multi screen sights. :stuck_out_tongue:

we should segregate the game into servers, the criteria for being in one server would be that your computer specs must be exactly the same or worse than bentware, then there can be another server containing everyone with better hardware than bentware.

Can you read? Can you follow the line of words to decipher there collective meaning? Do you know the difference between a monitor and a computer?
Hopefully this will help the ESL group.

So having better hardware is ok as long as it’s inside your computer case?

Or what if you have two min spec computers, each with one monitor, one for playing and the other for maps and stuff? Is that allowed @Bentware?

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com·put·er [kuhm-pyoo-ter] Show IPA noun

  1. Also called processor. an electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations. Compare analog computer, digital computer.

So by the dictionary definition you just linked, the ability to display (such as by using a monitor) is part of a computer. Well played, sir! No need to read what your own links say before you use them!

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Why would extra screen space through a 2nd screen be any different to a screen with higher resolution? Why would having a better spec’d computer than can render at a higher framerate, distance, etc not be a “pay to win” advantage.

If you’re going to make this stupid point, make it properly at least. You arent even doing that much.

These point of views remind me of when Keith acknowledged the fact that each Battlescape player will obliviously have personal configurations. The main point is that it’s “PC” gaming so if you don’t like it then don’t play computer games! Try a PS2 or somethin’ like it.

All your questions are answered here. I tier of people who don’t speak English and get pissed when there made up definitions aren’t accepted.

Answered already.

You don’t say?

you forgot THE essentiall !

EDIT : so, back to our lambs !
Is it possible to have a confirmation of multi-screen possibility ? A small leakage of th UI perhaps ? (Yeah, that last thing is a little too much maybe ^^)