Minor Miscellaneous Forum Bugs

I think because you have the capitalized version set as your first name and the uncapitalized version is set as your username.

I am able to report that for the first time since first visiting that the default avatars now appear on Firefox for me. It was usually a broken image, but now I can actually see them.


Is anybody else noticing the unusual lighting of Flavien and Gene’s avatar? One seems to appear having a high contrast ratio while the other a faint shade of gray.

None of our pictures were taken under identical lighting conditions. We all live around the world and took our pictures separately.

They weren’t like this up until approximately a month ago. Your avatar is actually colored just the same as Andre’s but Flavien and Gene’s avatar is black & white, and as stated, Flavien’s has a look of high contrast and Gene’s is gray-ish, almost white to where you cannot see him clearly. Maybe it’s a bug within my own system. : )

Not so much a bug as a feature, but on editing one of Kichae’s graphs from this post:

into this post (directly above it):

it seems the System automatically edited my post to use a locally saved copy of the image.

Why am I posting about this here when it’s so obviously a feature? Well, as I said I got the image, and it’s link, from Kichae’s post. Pretty sure it was locally saved then, too. Seems kind of silly to double the storage and bandwidth used, even if it really doesn’t matter much.

Currently both your post and Kichae’s post point to the same local image. (Both the scaled down version and full size)
Unless you’ve edited it, it seems Discourse doesn’t duplicate images it retrieves.

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Huh. Wonder why it edited it, then… oh well.

Because when you edited your post to include the image, the link in Kichae’s post was still to the external source?
When the image fetching job ran (it runs periodically) it found links to external images in both your posts.

It would have processed one before the other (not sure which order because your post was earlier but your edit was later) and when it found the second one it would have seen that it was an image that had already been fetched and edited the post to point to the same local image.

When I first copied it looked like one of the internal links, but I admit I did not pay particular attention to it or note it down.

Pinned topics are not pinned on the main forum page.

On Opera 23.0:

When Operas Autofill features puts in my Login Data into the appropriate fields on the Inovae Main Page the “Log In” button stays greyed out. Only when manually editing the fields does the button turn klickable.

Is the reply feature working lately, I keep replying to posts and there is no indication that the post is a reply?

For instance this is a reply to @Lomsor post above.

Seems it only shows up if you reply to a specific post that isn’t the last one.

I have the same issue. The Enter key works, though.

After Thorn’s reply post, my reply is listed.

Might be a minor bug.

Also there is two distinct reply indicators, one shows the user avatar with a reply arrow, while the other is putting the reply in the original post…

Not a bug, but I didn’t want to bump an older thread.

Discourse seems to be running significantly faster for me after this latest update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes. Everything from page load to interaction popups to the post menu is reacting a lot faster then it used to have. Feels definitely a lot better.

A last post edit seems to trigger an “activity” update on the main page, is this a feature, should it be?

It seems to be a feature as it only works on the last post of a topic. It allows users to bump a thread with new info without doubble posting.