Loving the cockpits! Disliking 'the purple'

Seriously those cockpits, what a great surprise! The lightning and details are amazing! I do have to get something of my chest though, and that is the gratuitous use of purple in the kickstarter solar system. The current use of purple really breaks some of the immersion for me, it just doesn’t feel right as of now. I edited some screenshots from the Battlescape site to show how a little color correction can increase the fidelty of the screenshots already:





Altough this might be personal preference, I hope the current use of purple will be tuned to a more ‘realistic’ level.


This will all be tuned, Flavien Just happens to love purple. :slight_smile: It also demonstrates the variations and differences in atmospheres and gas giants we can generate.


There’s a reasonning for the use of purple:

The KS pitch video as a turquoise color ( greenish ) and I wanted something different for the proto ( to showcase we can have atmos in various colors ), but not Earth-like blue either otherwise people would have confused this moon with Earth.

It could have been red-ish ( martian like ) but in my experiments I found it to look too alien ( un-natural for an Earth like planet, people would have bitched about it ) plus the surface texture colors wouldn’t match anymore. So by exclusion the only possibility left was a purple-ish atmosphere.


Hey now, purple is a great color. Just ask Twilight Sparkle :smile:

More seriously though,

Purple is cool.


I’m here just to say I am an official supporter of Purple and Purplish Skies. :smiling_imp:


You can’t take the purple sky from me!


I think it looks great so far, but of course more variation in the future is always welcome!

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Well, the Battlescape Category in this forum is the purple square.

You can’t have Battlescape without Purple.

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Well since the whole point of the engine is to be able to generate pretty much any kind of planetary body you can think of, a slight colouring doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Go Purple!

Also, cockpits are awesome.

'scuse me while I kiss the sky!

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There’s no place, I’d rather be…

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If I should tell one problem that’s not in the prototype, that’s the lack of immersion !

I’m not saying immersion is lacking, only that the abundance of purple “breaks some of the immersion for me” (first post).

Purple is a great colour indeed. One of my favourites.

More on topic however, as long as the colours are within the realms of science, I.e. diffraction and re-emission from an atmosphere it’s all good in my mind.

I would have picked orange. That said, orange atmospheres are fun, but would probably have been a bit overpowering. I think no mans sky did a bit of that too.

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Don’t forget… Orange is also the color used excessively in Elite Dangerous.


I don’t mind the purple, but I have a few minor issues with the cockpit. I would like the asymmetry of the ship to be better reflected in the cockpit. The Hyperion has a spike to the right of the cockpit that should bi visible from the inside, and the ships hull itself should be visible when looking to the right.

I have no idea about where the guns are located on the ship, but seeing the blasts emerging from the centre of the cockpit seems wrong to me. It should be more like the Millennium Falcons cockpit, where you would see the guns fire from somewhere of to the side.

Of course things like this can change during development, but it bothered me somewhat in an otherwise fantastically beautiful cockpit.

And while I’m at it. What really needs to change is the HUDs altitude display when far from the surface of a planet. 25Kkm?! 25Mm is the way to do it, or if your really really want to use km as the fundamental unit which you should not, 25kkm.

Yeah I’m sure a different solar system will exist for the final product. I do hope I-Novae do more volumetric clouds, gas giants should have MONSTER looking tall and dense clouds. There are a few movies showing off gas giants close up which look awesome, probably not representative to real life but they look great.

(Mass Effect 2/3 had a gas Giant ingame?)

It’s Hellion, not Hyperion, and the antenna and hull are visible from inside the cockpit.

They don’t, they currently spawn from the centers of the hardpoint locations on the hull.

I would take screenshots but am at work atm and can’t play the proto.

Watched the video again, and you are right. The spike is visible, but I would have imagined it being higher up, which I realise isn’t so from looking at outside shots of the Hellion (not Hyperion) some more. In all the videos I watched the player mostly looks upwards to the right, and never downwards right or straight to the right which I guess is why I missed it.

It looks to me as they spawn right in front of the cross hairs as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/JIQb_P7crG8?t=10m41s but I would be happy to be proven wrong here as well.

But you can not get away from the 25Kkm issue =P.