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(I have not as yet recieved the game i payed for), let me rephrase it for those that have small minds when will the game be released

All of the estimated release dates are on our Kickstarter and IndieGoGo pages. Which tier did you pledge?


Well exept for the finished release, just the latest beta, but if you bought the $30 version which says you receive a copy of the finished game but it has no date which I also am wondering.

Also can you create a forum spot for infinity battlescape community creations because I host a thread but its often cluttered but if something doesn’t good enough on the page you could think about asking for a download for a specific file type of that model to edit and add because mine is hard to find and is easily cluttered it would be nice if I didn’t have to host a cluttered thread for that. This is all your choice but if you want can you tell me what you think about creating a forum page about that? Maybe for the private page so you have info on the game if you want.

The estimated dates are on the pledges themselves…it estimated September 2017 for full release

Not for asteroid supporter.

Oh that date but they all say that, making it not the real date, ones that we already have say that, Also why was the page put in read only mode then taken out for a second?

They all give the date the finished game is expected to be ready, iirc. You pledged at the tier that gives you the finished game, so you won’t get it earlier than that

First tier

September 2017 is the estimated release date for the $30 reward tier.

For one when i pledged it was when they first started so it had no date thank you very much

if you want take maximun out of life take the coolest dear pledge and tell everyone that you have it the more people who know about him the more you respect

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I can assure you, being one of the first to back the project when the Kickstarter got out, that the dates were already given.
I agree however that it was a bit messy as there was no simple summary of the dates.

Don’t worry though, you’ll get all necessary information through the weekly updates that you already receive in your email box :wink:


I, for one, am happy at the progress that has been made so far.

The devs update us weekly, and so far… Everything appears to be on schedule. Even if there were a delay, InovaeKeith and Flavien have been VERY up front with the challenges they’re experiencing.

My suggestion… Keep an eye on the weekly updates.


This post saddens me and angers me, since it reflects the wrong perception of crowdfunding nowadays. Your post is offensive, as you’re blaming the developers for not working as hard as they really are.

You didn’t just pay for a game. Crowdfunding is not a pre-order, it’s a platform where we support a project, and by no means can’t demand “the game we payed for”.

Please consider this next time you pledge a crowdfund, and try to understand better the developers you’re supporting, instead of thinking of them as a company that owes you anything.

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for one children if you pay for something you want something in return, i am happy with there progress i just want to know when they will be done that was the question, and kendar you are very offensive, and let me make this clear if it was a charity to help the homless your stupidity would be valid, but it is not crowdfunding is like putting stock into a up and coming company to help it get off the ground. i like there ideas i just want to at-least try a demo or something, how can i tell my clients, friends, and family, about this game if i have never tried it myself. so kendar shut your mouth and don’t reprimand me again.

thank you that is what i was asking about, i was not trying to get the neanderthals up in a tissy.

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There is really no need to put a voice-over on the Gorn fight clips, the original does it justice, below is the end of that fight.


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