Life Philosophy

Be boring. Please.

You stumped me.

I was sitting here staring at your post for 30 seconds.

Sorry, I didn’t elaborate much. Today, my mood seems rejective towards fun. Sometimes I get sick of myself and others being inane. The reason I became bothered today was how almost all landscape photography is intended to be spectacular and breath-taking. There’s nothing simple or nostalgic, like for example: a picture which reminds me of standing in a cold plain at night, enjoying a little moonlight. Where can I find landscape photography simple and boring like that? It seems when a photographer imagines a scene with moonlight, they’ve got to believe their audience will want something special and spectacular. Where’s reality!? I wish it were easier for me to access the night.

Also, flirting people are getting annoying too.

The purpose of life is to piss me off.

The purpose of life is to stare a forum page and press the f5 button every 18 seconds.


I know what you mean. Luckily I have a friend who posts to facebook simple landscape photographs that she takes on her walks. I find them really enjoyable.

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Thank you! These are great :smiley:

From this topic and your recent posts I have the feeling you are in a somewhat … how should I call it … disillusioned state?

Does it seem to you that:

  • Many people act like their only goal in life is fun?
  • Only things focused in media (Social or Classical) are things that are exciting, disturbing or terrifying?
  • People don’t understand how simple things can be beautiful too?
  • When people complain about something they mostly focus on their subjective isolated view, not taking into account other views or add anything to make said situation better. (In itself this isn’t “bad” … but sometimes it can be off-putting, phrases like “in my oppinion” help a lot to counter misunderstandings and hurt feelings)

Most of the stuff focuses on how bad it is at the moment and how the only way to counter the “world suck” is to ignore it and numb oneself with all kinds of chemicals and overblown masks of emotions.
That’s one way to deal with the “life” situation.

One thing that helped me a lot is to go to the other side. To hear news about people who actually decrease world suck and people who increase the awesome.

Ted Talks is a good place to start: also a lot of other interesting stuff, not just innovation.

I’m just guessing. If I’m close ok. If not ok too. may also be a good place to look at. I have the chance to personally know its founder, and yes, he is the kind of person who gives you some faith back in mankind.

Thanks for trying to help.

  1. I hate most Ted Talks. There’s a few good ones, but they’re the older, less pedantic talks before TED Talks became Justin Bieber.
  2. “Does it seem to you that?”
  • It did seem people acted like their only goal is fun. I understand that personality type a bit better now (hint: their primary goal is fun).
  • Rhetoric
  • Meh
  • I don’t care.
  1. Meh
  2. You’re getting too deep.

I have all the faith in mankind I need. I lost it when I was 15 and restored it shortly after… lol.

This topic is getting way too serious. Maybe I’m just terrible at using a satirical tone.

I understood some of your answer. Though as this is getting too serious you don’t need to elaborate further.

I can understand if you don’t like most TED talks. But can’t really see how the word “pendantic” applies to newer ted talks.

It always goes deep … never seen a problem that doesn’t.

Or to make that clearer: “It can go as deep as you like.” I prefer to have as much of a wide view as possible. But maybe you’re right and I lost myself.
Hey, was just a guess. I love analyzing though.

This is the internet, we can’t hear your tone here. And answering to satire is even more difficult when not hearing it.
Try adding some more context next time.

When in doubt I always take stuff serious. Don’t want to run into a situation where misunderstanding does real damage.

This isn’t the internet.

Still, getting spare is always useful.

w00000t, sparity!

Ironic to the topic, also incredible and enlightening.