Launcher blank screen

When i start the launcher it stays white, the only thing i see is the title Infinity: Battlescape, my tag showing green as being online and the Buy button which is greyed out.
Nothing to start the game.

Did you pledge the 30 dollar tier or the 60 dollar?
Because the 30 dollar tier will only be enabled when the game launches on steam. In a couple of hours.
You can also go to your account settings on the inovaestudios website and link your steam account. The game will then appear in you steam library and you will be able to download it later today.

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ah, i did the 30$.

thanks for the quick reply


I have just bought the game and installed through steam, however on launch the initial Battlescape screen appears with music then proceeds to white screen and crash. Any ideas what could be the issue (log file has been recorded)?

Many thanks.

Could you post some of the log file (perhaps the end where the error is)? Perhaps also some details about your PC?

Please send us your log and dump (crash) file in C:\Users\XXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Logs to contact (at) inovaestudios (dot) com, and I’ll have a look. Thank you.

System Specs

with a Geforce GTX 580 GPU

Snapshot of error logs where majority of errors are

many thanks

A GTX 580 is under the minimum video card specs. Anything under 3 GB of vram is a no-go, and we even recommend 4 GB+ to play in high. Some people have been able to play with just 2 GB in low/medium but it’s stretching it.

It seems the driver hungs up, probably due to exceeding the amount of vram it can manage. I would recommend an nvidia driver update, if you don’t have the latest, but other than that I think you’re just out of luck with that video card.

You can try to lower the resolution, at least one person actually has gotten the game to work fairly well on integrated graphics by having a pretty low resolution.

I myself had a 3GB card for quite a while and it ran fine on medium, but the game tended to crash when going near carriers.

Many thanks - I was thinking as much re the GPU, looks like its time to order an RX 5770 XT, hopefully that should do the trick!

As long as it has more at least 4 GB you should be golden. :slight_smile:

A couple of years back, Battlescape was literally the single main reason for me upgrading from a 750ti to a 1060. It was totally worth it. :smile:

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Justified my purchase of the 580;)