Last Update Q/A Video comments

Just saw the last video. Just a question : how many time did you have to retry because of Keith laughing !!? :smiley:

Just look at Keith, even when Flavien’s talking : hilarious :wink:

Let me share a little secret: there’s a good reason it took 9 hours ( or was it 11 ? ) of recording when we went to Helsinki :smiley:

We started the morning and it was okay. But after lunch in the afternoon, we were both sleepy and my brain kind of disconnected. In practise, this resulted in me severely “lagging” behind Keith. You know, as a non English native, it usually takes a few seconds to analyze what the other party is saying. But at this moment, I was easily lagging 10 seconds behind.

So Keith was happily saying his part, talking about the game, ending his sentence and looking at me, waiting for me to continue. While it was still processing in my brain. And I couldn’t help but look at him helplessly with a “heh ?” on my face.

In the evening it went better though, and we were finally able to do okay for the recording. No way we’re ever gonna run in a presidential election, but I think for amateurs with no prior experience in front of a camera, it was kindda the best we could hope for.


awesome I can’t stop laugh. And as a french I totally sympathize with you, just hope you keep on recording when laughing and you’ll make a best of :wink:

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Great to have an update on what happens next though!

Any idea when we might get a concrete list of which post-Kickstarter stretch goals will be available? I know it was mentioned that certain things would not be available after.

As I’ve said before, I love your accent. If you need some voices for background chatter or station control tower announcements or anything like that, you should totally do some of the voices. Maybe even have a special “Flavien accent” reward tier :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder how many of you would be interested in a blooper reel…


Please can we be serious a little ? Who could be “not interested” on it ? Please … :smiley:


Dat teasing…


Make it a stretch goal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great final update!

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a god joke could have been to record a song with Flavien’s famous sentences and pronunciation like “it’s really true to scale” lol and add it as a big stretch goal (the weird thing is that on internet, it could become a thing)

maybe a summer hit :smile: like some scientist songs if you know :

my two favourites (so happy that we derived like that I just remembered these songs)

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I had to laugh at Keith saying that “The sky is the limit” with the i-Novae engine, as the whole point of the i-Novae engine is that the sky is not the limit! haha.


Now is the time! :smiley: