[kickstarter] Wondering about the bobbleheads

I kind of want that virtual procedural planet bobble head accessory for the cockpit. A lot more than I should really. I was wondering though, say I get a 4k screen sometime in the future, after the game is released, would the displayed detail of the planet scale up with the increased resolution?



That would probably depend on the quality settings you use in the game for your video card. If you have a pretty high-end computer I see no reason why you couldn’t increase the texture/planet quality setting.

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Will the procedural planet have moons and/or rings?

I already asked this in the discord.gg chatroom. Keith said no moons, but he (or anyone else) have not thought of even considering it before. The planets evidently do include an atmosphere. No gravity. Don’t ask me how an atmosphere would work without gravity.

I say gravity should be there, and implode the cockpit, and everything else, and eventually turn into a black hole.

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The engine certainly has had this capability for many years. One of the oldest tech demo videos was rolling balls down a mountain to demonstrate physics :blush:

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What I mean is the planet has to have enough gravity to contain the atmosphere. Would such a small point with the gravity of a large planet start a blackhole?

It’s only a model.

That’s not the point of the “What If” argument. XKCD style. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: