Kickstarter Update 2: State of the Gameplay Prototype


Highlighted by KIckstarter’s staff? In the first 24 hours? Quite amazing :smile:

The clarification are welcome, as it seems some (a lot of?) people confuse the prototype with an almost finished game. This is both a good news, because quality is there, and bad news, because they expect things that are not yet there.

I think answering interviews and spotlight demands from youtubers are n°1 priority. Have you considered getting a community manager to answer the “casual” emails and comments?

Also, if you need any “real” players to stress test your servers… I’d be happy to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Look’s like space simulator games become very popular in past years. Easy money, huh?

Yup. The modern sim craze began with eve online really, before hibernating for a bit and absolutely exploding. Also, kickstarter has become quite popular, and it`s a bigger name than indiegogo.

very good “State of the game” section. nothing worse than those “why no this? why no that?” questions being brought up time and time again! :sob: