Kickstarter Time Limit

Sorry if this question has already been answered.
Do I have to pay before 09/20 to get early access, or is that date just for the Initial $300,000 milestone?
I want to donate $250.00, but preferably later if I can.

November 20 is the deadline for all pledges at which time the campaign will end and you will no longer be able to contribute. If the base goal is not reached by that date they will not receive any money.

I just read that they might accept contributions on their website after the KS is over, does anyone know if they’ll offer the same early access options?

I can’t say if they will implement a similar reward system, you’d have to wait for an answer from Keith or someone.

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This is not entirely true. As far as I know they plan to have a paypal open(pending successful KS) to allow for continued contributions post-KS where you can still upgrade your pledge as long as it hasn’t happened yet(Upgrade from 20$ to beta, before beta is released etc).

I was referring to pledges managed by Kickstarter. At this point we really should just be focusing on making sure the campaign succeeds and then we can move on to other forms of contribution.

Of course, but it doesn’t mean people should contribute all or nothing.
If @REJLIVE can contribute on one of the lesser pledges and upgrade later, it’s ok by me.

I do remember the same thing that what @Skyentist said, but maybe one of INovae’s team can confirm that.

If the Kickstarter suceeds there will be a after KS page were one can buy oneself into the game. People who pledged for the KS will enjoy the same prices for the tiers as they were during the KS and will be able to upgrade while new Backers will have new prices.

@Lomsor’s post reflects my understanding too, however I can’t find the post where Keith said this. It may have been on Discord.

In addition, the OP sounds like @REJLIVE might not be aware that regardless of when you pledge on Kickstarter, you don’t pay until after the campaign has succeeded. Pledging is simply saying, “I give you permission to take this money at the end of the campaign, only if it succeeds.”

I’d encourage @REJLIVE to pledge as much as you are safely able to and then increase your pledge via the INS website post-Kickstarter.

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Here is the post:


As you’re trying to be clear about terms, we pledge to a Kickstarter, but afterwards all monies are either donations or purchases.

Additionally, the SFC Mercenary Interceptor skin is restricted to Kickstarter and Kickstarter only, if I’m not mistaken.

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It is not a skin, it is a variant model of the standard interceptor. Note the modified hull and added tailfin stabilisers.

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Yes, but the performance is going to be as close as possible to the original design, so it may as well be a skin.

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Have some consideration for the extra work the artists will have to put in to bring you this “skin”.

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My $2,500 that I am donating speaks plenty for what I consider their work to be worth. There’s no need to get snippy because I used a perfectly valid term to describe an alteration.


As far as I’m aware, it is a skin. There will be no modified stats and should behave exactly as the normal SFC Interceptor.

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Though the teir says:

It will be balanced with stats similar to the default SFC Interceptor and will offer no gameplay advantage.

I mean, it’s pretty open to interpretation but it does say stats similar to, not stats like or exactly like.

Gentlemen, let’s keep it agreable and agree to the fact that OP’s question has been answered :wink:

Whatever the artist work: hull, skin or decal, they are vanity fair and a very good reason to upgrade your pledge ^^

Eh? There wasn’t any conflict. I was actually awaiting confirmation from the devs before responding to clear up the issue so we can all know for sure.

Edit: I’m not sure his question was answered either. It is true that donations will be allowed post-KS if you wish to improve your backer reward, but some rewards are KS only. I believe the dev tier is one of them since we enter that almost immediately. You can only increase your pledge reward before that level of access begins. So you can’t pay for alpha access during alpha release for example, but you could still upgrade to beta… That’s at least how I interpreted what Keith said awhile back.