Kickstarter Music

This track would play great behind a montage for the Kickstarter: Keyboard Milk

It’d be great if you got permission to use it :wink:

Other suggestions are welcome, I guess.

We have someone creating custom music for us so you’ll just have to wait and see =)


Damn, I was following this project for 8 years (or something around that, it was so long ago). I saw you didn’t had sound designer or composer on the team and there was no talking what infinity will sound like on the forums or blogs so few days ago I started making demos and was about to send my application tomorrow. I’ve wrote pretty inspiring fanfare leitmotif to use throughout whole game, even some corporate logos themes and space background music. I thought I could get this gig and create great thematic score for this ambitious project, now that something is finally coming out. But I guess I was to late. Looks like all I can do now is support you during kickstarter. All best.

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Dude, send it in anyway. The worst they can do is tell you they don’t want it.


I recently discovered this music and instantly thought of IBS while listening to these tracks. If the soundtrack of IBS could be anything like this, i’d play the game for days nonstop :smiley:

Maybe it can be inspirational for your sound composer.

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I scanned through that music, it’s not what we’re after for I:B or Infinity, a bit too techno/synth.

We have a top notch composer we’re working with right now, and I think everyone will enjoy what he comes up with for the crowd funding campaign.

Will you reveal his name ? :slight_smile:

Recently i heard Trifonic and i have to say some of his tracks seemed to me rather fitting. But since you have already, then never mind. :wink:

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“top notch”, then surely it is Paul Chen.

I’ve listened to Solar Fields before; I didn’t like much of it but this is pretty great.

Edit: Take that back. I don’t know what was wrong with me when I first tried listening to them.

If you guys want to listen what I’ve scrambled together quickly here’s link blop but bear in mind I’ve forgotten I had students today and couldn’t find more time to finish all the things or anything at all.


I really likes, especially Infinity Space.

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As soon as I heard the first few bars I was instantly reminded of Freelancer.
Found the relevant track I think:

Yeah, I’ve spent many eons playing Freelancer (Gating way-points and hearing “Freelancer 1-1” irritated me after some time though), didn’t remember any specific tracks, not my inspiration. Wanted to have more organic sound, something like feeling of being underwater and be actually playable by an orchestra.

As far as I can tell, you hit that dead on the head. Especially with Infinity Space.

I quite like the music in this. Though I am somewhat biased, as I know the guy who did it (at least I remember it being mentioned as being him at the time).

I’ve honestly never played a space game ever (Not even Freelancer)… Unless you consider Halo a space game (because it is!)

You should rectify that :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you pay for it.

I think not sir

Is it longterm? As in the longterm who did the song for the rocky earth planet video.

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