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Hi Everyone!
I’ve been watching this game for around 8ish years now. I got incredibly excited when I first saw the first tech demo. I showed it to all of my friends and had some incredible conversations about possible game play moments that could be in an engine like this! The idea you could start your own base / corporation on a procedurally generated planet. The idea of keeping it far enough away from the general populous to avoid raids but close enough to make it viable with trade routes etc. Scoping out other planets for the possibility of mining / exploration / raid missions to worlds faaaaaaaar into deep space. Alien artefacts and civilisations and space creatures that no-one other than you had ever encountered before. The possibilities were pretty much endless with such a large and procedural game world.

I’m very aware that technology constraints have limited a large majority of the original idea. To be honest I’m extremely surprised that the project is still trucking along as I’ve seen a ton of other projects start and fail in that time.

I think my point is I’ve been following this engine and idea for a long time and there have been a lot of changes and some very quiet years. A lot of people are posting saying there needs to be more info and something more in order to compete with other space games entering market at the moment. I’m not saying there’s no room for improvement but even though these other games are on the horizon I’m still keen to have a play with Infinity: Battlescape.

Keep going I-Novae Studios. You’ve come a long way and there is a long way to go but the die hard fans still have faith :smiley:


The Kickstarter is in May.

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baq99 I totally agree with what you are saying and to be honest for awhile I did not think anyone would come out with an open world/ open space game. I’ve had the idea in my head for a long time since Red Faction Guerrilla Warfare but never been able to do anything with the idea. To see I-Novae Studios doing this makes me happy. I just stumbled across this engine not a couple of hours ago and with some research it seems as though there thoughts are bout the same as mine. I would also like to see the colonization of a world and be able to explore other worlds. I was thinking along the lines of RPG/RTS with the RPG being 3rd person with missions and the RTS style help with the colonization.