Joystick sensitivity

Firstly, just a comment … I wish I’d found out about this game sooner…it looks and feels amazing! Found out about it today and was lucky enough to be able to get in on the pledges. TY

Now to my issue. I’m using X55 Stick (device/joy0), X55 throttle (device/joy1) and a T16000m (device/joy2). I have pitch, yaw and roll bound to the Y, X and Z axes . I’ve tried all kinds of combinations of deadzones and power settings (in the Assign Devices Menu for the Device 0 - X55 Stick) for the pitch and yaw axes but, the X55 stick is always way too sensitive. Assuming I’m not missing anything obvious in the settings, is there anything I can do to dampen down the sensitivity; its very difficult to achieve coordinated flight at the moment?

Also, I have forward/reverse bound to Stick 2 axisY (on the T16000m) but, I have to pull back to go forward. I want to invert the bind so that I push forward for forward. I don’t see an option to do that. Is there some way to specify that in the XML file?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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The sensitivity should go down a lot on the axes if you increase the power-slider setting afaik. I myself didn’t have to tweak them for now using only a single T.16000m.

To invert the axis there was a checkbox in the old profile editor prior to the in-game one. @INovaeFlavien is trying to get those back in. In the meantime you can edit the XML files and add a Reverse=“true” to the event/axis where you need them.

I made a copy of the profile and gave it a new name before editing to be safe.

There are still some quirks and bugs in there but the devs are quite fast with the bugspray :sunglasses:

DreamKeys (Seuche)


Allright, I’ll prioritize the axis switching, it seems to be pretty critical for HOTAS users. One thing I’ll probably change is that I’ll put the revert flag on the axis themselves, and not on the events.


Sure, that’ll work just fine. Many thanks from all future HOTAS / Joystick users. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Seuche Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and provide some useful details for solutions/work-arounds. Very much appreciated. At some point I hope to upgrade my controllers but, for the time being the X55 HOTAS and T16000m are what I have to work with :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to trying your suggestions out and hoping that I can get into the game with an improved controller experience and really start enjoying this amazing game.
@INovaeFlavien That the community and yourself are so responsive and supportive is so encouraging for the future of Battlescape Infinity. I can’t wait to see how it evolves! TY and wishing the Team all the best on the early access release :four_leaf_clover:

Best regards … Cirrus