[JENI] Jafo Entertainment & News, Inc

You found our frequency,
We’re always* online!

Jafo Entertainment & News, Inc.

[size=8]*Transmitters are currently operating at minimum power output due to a contract dispute. The service range is currently limited to Ceti Alpha VI.[/size]


Didn’t that place get blown up though?

I found your frequency!

Frequency blocked at my location. Darn!

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It’s because you’re not on Ceti Alpha VI.

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My favorite news source. I likened it to The Onion in the far future.

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I look forward to listening to your newscasts while legitimately transporting legitimately produced merchandise.

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New content coming soon!


If anyone’s interested in writing for Mr. Jafo, please give us a call!
You know our frequency!


Hi Kichae, glad to see you’re still alive and kicking. Looking forward to more JENI broadcasts (not to be confused with GENI :wink: )

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Do ketchup packet rations come included with the job, or is this a “BYOK” (bring your own ketchup) kind of gig?

I actually can’t die. It’s in my contract.

Packets are included with the job, but you have to fill them yourself.