Is Flavien the best

…Battlescape pilot? Seeing as he must know the prototype inside out, one might imagine he knows a thing or two about flying those Helion bad boys. Or are his keyboard/mouse skills better suited to the programming side of things? I am asking because I’ve seen Hutch doing some pretty sick moves as well, which makes me wonder who truly is the best pilot as of now…

So devs, is Flavien the best pilot or does this place belong to someone else? :grin:

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I heard Gene is the best but I may be wrong

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Gene is a hard mofo to take down. That being said it’s hard to gauge who’s using repair and who isn’t, I tend to not since explosions make for better vids, while those recording footage tend to use it to understandably stay in the battle longer.

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Ofc I’m the best. I always let myself get killed so that I don’t harm those other dev’s egos. But don’t tell them that. I’m sure they wouldn’t believe it. That will be our little…secret.


And with that, the gauntlet has been thrown! Shall any stand and challenge the claim to the best pilot in this sector? Find out next, after a short message from our sponsors!


I’ll have to remember that one … Thanks!!! :joy_cat:

Care to share some secrets with the proletariat?