Interest over time in "infinity the quest for earth
For Infinity Battlescape, there was not enough search volume to even show a graph. For just “infinity” there was a small peak in q3 2013 and early 2014.
In the linked graph, there is a period of extremely low activity.
as for “inovae” there is a peak in feb 2012 for whatever reason, and feb 2014 the graph topped out.
The interest dropped right back to zero however.

I guess this makes sense given that INS aren’t exactly publicising their game their game right now.

Yeah, I just thought about how long the I:tQfE project had been going on and was interested to see the searches over time.

Infinity Battlescape is easier to find through Wikipedia then directly through Google.

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That will probably change once they get the Battlescape website online.

As their tech expands its capacity to exhibit interesting content, I’m sure interest will spread more thoroughly. I really hope they thrash our minds with screenshots in the lots and lots once they can show their gold.

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I found the game by checking to see if the name “Infinity” had been taked. Lame name anyway >.>

Stupid grapes.