Install via Steam

I would like to install the game via Steam, but it says it requires external account (I-Novae), which supports linking.
How can I link the two? How can I install the game via Steam?

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Install via Steam is only possible when the game launches 27.9.2019 on steam.

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Welcome! As Playbenni said, we’ll have to wait for Early Access to begin on Steam. We’re unsure how things will be linked at the moment, but Keith has promised it will happen. There are plenty of us here with access to the game through our I-Novae accounts, and many of us will be transferring to a Steam install, I am sure. You will not be alone!


Thank you!

I’ve never gotten the game to run with the beta installer so I am hoping everything will be smoother with the Steam release…

It’s 10/2020 and the game is in Early Access on Steam… ETA on when we can install through Steam, we need a key.

You can redeem your steam copy right now.