INovae Star Wars - SWG / SWTOR

I don’t follow Inovae since the transformation from Infinity to independent engine development.

Has INovae had any discussions with EA / Disney about doing an INovae driven Star Wars TOR 2 / Galaxies game?

My only point is this. I love the Star Wars universe. I love massive armies of Imperial Troops and legions of Star Destroyers, fighters, etc… I would love to see a game where I can have a Sith or Jedi, a Commander, or some Smuggler leading a large fleet. Where I can fight with a lightsaber or blaster in large scale ground combat. Strategically bombing cities or flying through them. To blow up an entire planet with a Death Star equivalent. Having character story arcs that can be generated anywhere on a planet. That anyone can be the Darth Vader of a command ship.

To see all of this procedurally generated. Combine the development style of SWTOR and SWG with a massive galaxy engine would just be …

INovae can enable all of this.

Beautiful engine but I hope some day it will be more than just an empty cosmos. Forge together endless exploration with cultural and philosophical enlightenment.


If my memory is correct, I believe there was talks with major studios years ago, but because of the state of engine development, there was never anything serious on the table. In any case, INS is fully focused on BattleScape for now, and anything else comes later :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehe thanks :slight_smile: But, keep it in mind! For the love of all gaming.

I can totally see the I-Novae engine being used to make a Star Wars game, even if it’s just a mod or something :stuck_out_tongue: I want that!

But for now, let’s stick to Battlescape and get them started in life!


Now I want those modding tools…


I can guarantee someone will build SW or Star Trek or BSG or B5 or Farscape or Stargate…or all in the same game :stuck_out_tongue:

There was at least one Freelancer mod that had them all in the same game… it was massive.