Infinity Business Model - Better Community Involvement

Some really nice ideas here for spicing up community involvement. I totally agree that regularity is the best way to establish a reputation, even if the actual content is small. I love staring at screenshots!

Gotta agree with all these ideas…especially the idea for using guest bloggers.

I simply think that the devs just need to concentrate on making a good game and that will get people’s attention.

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I like the idea of starting to put out regular updates with images/guest bloggers. Some of the kickstarters were so successful because they built up the community and hype for the game up to a month before the kickstarter even ran. The end result was essentially extra time for people to find out about the product and make a pledge rather than not knowing about the product for the time frame that it ran for.

I think a “Community Manager” would really help your effort here. They could Blog, post content updates, organize and schedule your content releases and essentially save you “time”. It’s really great that you’re involved with your community but developing your game and building support are two very different jobs. You should hire an expert to assist (or a talented volunteer you trust).

One thing a community manager could also do is do a weekly summary of the dev team’s respective twitter messages that relate to Infinity. The team can then continue to do their short updates on Twitter and the community manager could pull them together and create a narrative.


Sounds kind of similar to how KSP keeps their community informed - which seems to work really well. Just small, regular snippets about whatever they happen to be doing tend to keep people happy.
E.g. (ignoring the rest of the stuff, just the dev feed)

Hello community,

I’ve been following the Infinity project since 2007 and visited the website with hope of new content on a weekly basis. I was amazed by the great potential the i-novae engine is holding - and i still am. My hopes are still high and i wish, this project will be a huge success.

I am kind of in the middle of both sides. On one side, I just can’t wait to see new stuff (ANY sort of news will do) - not only because of pure curiousity, but to have a confirmation that the project is alive and progressing.

On the other side, hype can be VERY dangerous. It can destroy a game completly. I am a co-founder of the german multi-gaming clan. The main reason we created this clan, is the game Hawken. But it’s glory days are long gone and were taken right after the closed beta ended. At that time, it was awesome, fun and very promising.
During closed alpha and beta, it was extremly hyped by the community AND the developers. After launching open beta the game changed drastically through a lot unwanted patches (not only balance-fix patches). Now it is almost dead, why? Because the leaked information befor open beta showed a totally different game, then it is now.

So, my message here is, give us news, pictures, something we can gaze on, something we can share with friends - on a regular basis. But please don’t over do it, don’t show stuff that is too critical, that might change later or won’t be included in the final game. Keep a steady, save direction.

Feed the community and the community will do the rest, if the community is a good one (like it was in Hawken, a year ago :frowning: )

P.S.: Sorry for the long post and sorry for the bad grammar.
Pp.S.: I am always happy to help you. Here is what i can do:


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I don’t think we’re going to be adding any new artists to the team in the near term but your drawings look really good!

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Beindruckende/s Portfolio/präsentation.

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@INovaeKeith You devs could just do a regular, short, technical dev log about what developement you are doing, like Flavien did in the starting days. Or for example like this guy is writing daily about his kickstarter. Its fairly entertaining, and is helping immensely about his public relations. Infinity has a reputation for being a waporvare for years now, it would definitely help with the kickstarter if you could provide information about what are you doing (and convince ppl you are doing anything at all :D) under the hood.

Holy heck Keith, those planets are astounding!! Congrats

Wow a screenshot, hope I didn’t have anything to do with that :wink:

I don’t like an angry mob attacking everyone on behalf of INS, but that is a different story. OP had a very good point besides the fact that he made a mistake with the payment model.