Infinity battlescape marketing!

Last night in elite dangerous disscusions(steam and official) i noticed ppl didn’t heard about IB and was quite amaized when they saw screenshot thread link from this forum. Even hardcore gamers didn’t know.
I’m sure there would be more backers if you and rest of the community try more to advertise infinity on various forums and gaming blogs (fb,youtube, twitter, instagram…send famous youtubers alpha access version), just do something!
i also suggested steam there should be announcement news in every game genre:

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It was heavily publicised during the Kickstarter and access was given to Youtubers.
The problem with publicising it now would be that it’s not representative of what it will be like once complete.

It would be far more effective use of time to publicise again once it hits beta.


some ppl were amaized by screenshots from 2014, this was pointed to players and this community, i try to introduce ppl with IB on other forums cos more backers, better for us overall.
but as you said beta will be best advertisement!

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I’ve done my best to spread the screen shots and weekly newsletter updates on the SC and ED forums. Also on the Linus Tech tips, Guru3d, and Descent Underground forums. From during the kickstarter through to now and hopefully right through to post release.


We actually discuss marketing quite a bit for our 2017 roadmap:

We know it’s something that we’ll have to put a lot of effort into, we’re just waiting until the game is more mature.


Once there is a fleshed out “game loop” experience, then there is opportunity for streamers to showcase the game to newcomers. I know for certain there are scifi space oriented streamers who would love to show this game. They just need more gameplay to hold peoples attention for multiple hours of streaming content.

As INS have said they need to remain conservative with their budget until they have a game to market.