I'm Going Home (Video)

Tried to capture the enormous scale and beauty of Battlescape and the amazing music of Hans Zimmer. They are made for one another. :relaxed:

Music: I’m Going Home



LOVE that @Zen!

Could be the perfect intro. :wink:

Thanks SpaceJay. A bit repetitive but I could orbit a planet all day in awe of the view. :heart_eyes:

I’m not normally affected by motion but for some reason the combination of framerate and speed of the rotation was uncomfortable to watch :\

Perhaps a slower roll rotation (eg. rewatch the video at 0.5x) would help combined with a faster orbit speed so you can see the ground rushing past.

The slower the roll, the more massive and vast the planet will feel :wink:

Hmm, i am noticing that every single planet/satellite has an atmosphere. Not all of them should have tbh, perhaps some of the most barren ones should simply not have any atmosphere so we could cearly see their horison outlines.

Yes, the same for me. I somehow felt uncomfortable too watching this.