Im $20 Kickstarter Backer


How can I receive my reward? Game access.

Thank you!


You need to be a lunar backer, 60$ gets you permanent beta access until early access on steam. Ask flavien and keith why they do not have cheaper beta access or ask them why they do not have an asteroid backer event every day for 4 hours seeing as that would get a full server and create exponentially more backers. Inovae also needs to quit changing game mechanics and focus on polish, reduce auto aim, stop nerfing interceptors and put water oceans thicker cloud atmo and trees, boulders with detail on the barren desert worlds of ibs then ship. Oh and hutch is a noob dev.


Heya There!

Did you use the same email Adress you used to back the game?

Check this page to see:

As a Asteroid supporter you will be allowed to play the game on the 27th of September 2019!


Truly, this made my day xD

edit: Just want to add, visual polish like the oceans, trees, rocks, surface details etc, will be something that gets addressed, however gameplay is a much higher priority item.

As for the game mechanics, interceptors received a buff in the recent updates, not a nerf, they’re harder to hit and can take down targets more quickly now. We’re still debating the use of the interceptor as a starter ship, custom weapon types with and without gimbal etc.

As for me being a n00b, well well, come at me brah. See you at the next meet brah, let’s duel.


Heya There!

Did you use the same email Adress you used to back the game?

Check this page to see:

As a Asteroid supporter you will be allowed to play the game on the 27th of September 2019 !

Thanks. I can see, that I have “KS_Support_Asteroid”.

That’s also mean, that I will receive some kind of invitation/steam access code
to my email on the 27 of September 2019?

Is it possible to mark post as an answer?


@Backer There is a sticky post with a FAQ that contains all answers to your questions here:


I laughed, a good feeling of sarcasm


honestly the overall the role of the inty has shrunk drastically lately. Because of the inty’s new autoaim weapons it’s damage had to be nerfed so hard that things like killing space station targets is a slog now, same goes for trying to fight corvettes and bombers takes longer. The autoaim weapons also drastically reduce it’s own survivability as an evasive pilot is now less able to survive in the face of large amounts of weapons fire, because the autoaim nullifies some movements. Sure, they got a buff for newbies, but with their skill range crushed the maximum potential of the inty is way, way lower now.


Well, it’s a story of one man who have idea Falvein then he come into indiegogo course as we needs a money then come other guys that, all we live near 70-80 yers and we all become old. Well it’s a story about inovae, we are participants in this story. Pawns, look where she will lead.If everything is bad, then there will be no future projects. my forecast is mixed estimates in a year in steam


My forecast is whatever the hell @pictbrige just said - but with a side of meatballs.


sometimes an fortune gives a chance meatballs are always good



linear thrust on interceptors got nerfed in the latest patch 0k.


Ok have idea elektroencefalografiya

In short, the theme is that the game was developed by a fierce mathematician
Try to buy these things and attach to yourself. Because the game does not have a rehearsal pattern in the sounds and actions of joy


u no speak a engrish,

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Of couse mr wisdom, play in battle royale semself. You are part of the mass that agrees with everything which will never have an opinion and will stupidly follow the principles drawn up by others


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@pictbrige you’ve gone more than way off topic for this thread, please stop posting random crap.


Ok bro please contact EGS