If the kickstarter doesnt reach its goal?

I dont know if this has been discussed previously (ive looked through the forums but find it difficult to navigate and search) but I am wondering what will happen with Infinity/i-novae if the kickstarter doesnt reach its goal?

First of all I want to voice my disdain to see this kickstarter not fully funded yet, while so much generic trash gets funded in days (hours even).

Secondly im wondering if there will be another sort of funding available to make Infinity a reality if the kickstarter would happen to fail?
Personally, I want to offer my pledge (250usd) to i-novae no matter how the kickstarter ends in hopes it will aid in the continued development of the game.

Bottom line, I hope work will continue on I:B no matter how the kickstarter ends.

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Keith provided this answer in the AMA:

It’s not something we’ve really discussed. We’ll cross that bridge if/when we get there.


Shhhh don’t say that around here. It will get funded.


It’s kinda a sure thing it’ll get funded. Most probably. :wink:

If the kickstarter fails then INovae Studios will make accounting software… with seamless planetary to space flight.


Sage Finance: Now with spaceship combat.


Increase the effectivity of your workforce now by having them solve complex accounting problems … (cue epic riff) …


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I think it’s very much a marketing problem. There are multiple games this month that have gone far above $300,000 despite showing infinitely less in terms of game play material or overall ambition.

This KS is about to complete funding today, had a $250,000 funding goal, barely showed anything in-game, and is now sitting at $2.7 million: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/battletech/description

It’s too bad, because I’m sure a $2.7 million dollar infinity would blow most of these games out of the water effortlessly.


People just can’t get enough of that nostalgia from yesterday’s big names.

One of the larger issues I’m seeing crop up isn’t entirely getting seen, its getting over the reflexive response of vaporware in addition to disappointment with ED and SC

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What do you mean by disappointment with ED and SC? Honestly I don’t think ED is very good and I don’t imagine there is anything they can add that will ever make it interesting for me. SC on the other hand will likely be one of the most amazing space games of this generation if it actually comes out and works as CR claims it will.

I think I:BS sits outside of either of these titles. It will be much more combat intensive than ED with a much larger range of ship types as well as planetary flight/combat. Compared to SC it won’t have the MMO elements or the FPS component, but it will also be much more combat intensive comparatively, because the fights will all be within the same solar system. I think I:BS could fit an action/strategy hole that no other game is currently aiming to fulfill and if I:BS has a wide range of research options, ship choices, and a base building mechanic - I think it could be a very fun product.

I’m still not entirely sure how I:BS will function, beyond reading the pre-deleted AMA and other items on the KS, but hopefully those qualities can be well defined in gamer’s minds before the KS ends so that this game has a strong chance of coming to the market in the best form possible.

Yes but Harebrain is now a famous studio after two major successes that both rely on a much loved brand that has 30 something years of history behind it. (shadowrun)

And now they are doing this new kickstarter which is of an even more famous and loved brand with 30+ something history. (Battletech)
It cant really compare even though I do feel slightly ill seeing them hit their goal in hours while infinity is still far off.

Inovae is unknown and infinity is a new brand. It cant compete with the likes of Battletech and Shadowrun, or Harebrain, but spread the word about this game and get more movies poster everywhere possible so people actually understand what amazing game this is/can be.

Probably because the team behind the game has made many, many titles before. Not the case with inovae. The battletech/mechwarrior thing already exists.

You don’t need to sell it to me man, I know the differences between the titles and how IBS is different. It’s not me you have to convince! It’s everyone else who hasn’t been educated on the differences yet(through no faults of their own!).

You answered ED yourself why ask me :stuck_out_tongue:. I pretty much agree with that for the same reasons. They’ve screwed up the fundamental mechanics of what would make an interesting and compelling game for me. It was fun to fly around and pretend to fly around while the novelty lasted, but like everyone else I’m bored as crap doing the same thing over and over again. On top of that I’m artificially limited by it’s flight AND most frustratingly the ship/weapon balancing mechanics which are infuriating. I have many opinions on what they should have done but honestly it doesn’t add to the discussion at hand.

As far as SC goes from what I see there’s a lot of grumbling and criticism with how they don’t “seem” to be making progress with the enormous amounts of fund they’ve gotten. Remember, this isn’t me saying that, I’m just repeating what I’ve read. I have no opinion on SC since I have no financial investment in it.

Just to repeat it one last time - I wasn’t voicing my opinion. I am speaking about what I’ve seen when answering questions on youtube comments and in reddit. I’m speaking from my experiences in trying to differentiate IBS and educate people on what the product really is.

I should have clarified that the

lies mostly with the average space sim’s player disappointment with the genre as a whole which has made the consumer lose confidence in space sims in general. I wasn’t clear and that’s why I get for responding from mobile between classes. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is solely because of the devs showing no improvements over the last 10 years, not really trustworthy.
Bad reputation.

EXCEPT for the fanboys that are going to quote me.
You guys are not enough to fund this, its all about the public opinion of this long overdue game (engine, since a few years ago).

And if nobody owes nobody nothing, and if the devs did their best, and if its only part-time, and its their dream, and they do it at their own pace, and they don’t need to prove nothing, then congratulations on failing because all of that. :wink: All this crap listed above is all we’ve seen the past 10 years, and that just wont cut it for the public.

I guess it must feel good to have this written over your grave: You did something that people didn’t recognize and do not recognize, but it was only part time and you did your best and went to your personal investments, and you had a few dozen or hundred blind followers, so it should be good enough for a life’s work.

Ugh just leave already, people like this game if they actually get to see it.
Keep on building your little world where all the videos don’t have overwhelmingly positive response from prettymuch everyone, where Scott Manley has magically disliked the game instead of loving it and where other magical romtim things happen.

Yeah. Are you one of those people - my idea is brilliant, give me money and do it for me, and I will give you 5% of my company in return?

Well hate to break it to you, an idea is nothing.

if they actually get to see it

is just part of the problem, but you’re on the right track.

An idea combined with successful execution can change the world. An idea by itself is worthless. It’s one reason VC’s are hesitant or refuse to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s). Why bother? They don’t have time to implement your idea. And if your idea is so easy to implement that the only barrier to entry is competitors not knowing about the idea, then they don’t want to invest in it. An idea only has value when combined with proper implementation, which includes the right team in place to perform the implementation.

Why do you keep discouraging people? Sure, this community does have some fanboys, but hell don’t we have a hateboy here!

What’s your point over that? Still rumbling about “this KS hould have been so much earlier”? Better late than never I guess.
Will you make an apology if the KS gets funded? Something tells me that no.

We’re all open to criticism, as long as it’s a constructive one. Your dishonesty and bad faith doesn’t bring any.

EDIT: about the “idea”, the means are also worthless without the idea. You can have all the factories in the world, if you don’t know what to do with this potential, your means are worthless.
Synergy is the keyword here. A word most people try very hard to forget, because it hurts to understand each over.

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I didn’t think you were being negative or anything, I was just openly responding.

Technically it hasn’t been 10 years in development by a single developer any more than Duke Nukem Forever had a straight development cycle. I think I:BS has potential and while I don’t know what it’s visual ceiling is, it doesn’t look bad in it’s current state (they have said it can improve, that most current assets are placeholder assets). Also, as far as Kickstarters go, I:BS demonstrates far more working assets then nearly all other contenders, so that is a positive for them also.

I do wonder about the part-time thing though… Some outward communications from iNovae make it seem like they are playing more defensively then going all-in; which while logical, does not seem to be the best route to generate widespread appeal or hype. I have also been confused by some dev comments where they refer to current jobs. I’m not sure what relevance a current job would have if you are very confident that in the next 30 days you will have a brand new job working on something you love. Based on some of the statements it seems like they are strongly considering the possibility that they will still rely on that job by the time this KS has completed. All of this is assumptions though, but if I make them - perhaps others might as well!


There are currently one hundred and eighty seven thousend, four hundred and fourty reasons why you are wrong, romtim. :stuck_out_tongue:

*On a serious note: Anyone who doesn’t think getting $187,440 in pledges, before the half-way point, for a game with absolutely zero pedigree in the genera is impressive at all, is just plain silly.